Fastest Private Jet in the World

World' s fastest private jet

This means you can fly from New York to LA in about four hours or less. The fastest private jet in the world - Cessna Citation PX It is still quite obscure why the Concorde went the way of the doodo - after all, it jumped between New York and London in half the airliner season, and, as the saying goes, speed is cash. Besides, wealthy folks don't usually worry about moneys. At $22.95 million you can buy the all new Cessna Citation Winter Jet, the fastest private jet in the world, which will fall later this year.

This Cessna Citation machine has been FAA certificated with either 0.935 or 617 mmph, making it the " fastest civil airplane in the world ". What's the hurry, you ask? Now, apparently the excessive retreat of this bird's wing makes it quicker than Speedy Gonzales. Physicists know that this means retarded resistance and enhanced power; for the remainder of us it just means that this thing goes quickly.

A lot of alcohol. Like a Steve Jobs-ian iPlane or something, they're all touch screen controllers for lights, blinds, temperature, sound and vision, and Wi-Fi connectivity. iPlane and iPlane are all touch screen controllers. You' ve got a private jet, it's all touch screen, and you still have a scrolling iPod? Cause a man who sells nearly $23 million in a private airplane wants to be sure his neighbours don't park the same one in the entrance.

You know, to read the money section of the Wall Street Journal.

First supersonic private jet in the world will be $80 million.

To the world's super-rich ceo, it'?s spending a lot of valuable hours. In order to minimise how long business executives are away from the rudder of their empires, startup company Spike Aerospace wants to get them to their destination in half the amount of traditional aircraft flying at Mach 1.6. This jet, called S-512, designed by a group of ex-Gulfstream, Eclipse and Airbus engines will be the first to cruise at ultrasound velocity - at Mach 1.6 with a maximum velocity of Mach 1.8.

This is more than 50 per cent quicker than the world's fastest commercial jet, the Mach .875 Gulfstream G650, and the forthcoming Mach .935 Cessna Citation Winter Jet, which awaits FAA clearance early next year.

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