Edinburgh Taxi App

The Edinburgh Taxi App

You can download our iPhone App or our Android App to book quickly and easily. City Cabs App was developed to make booking a taxi a fast and user-friendly experience. You can download the free Central Taxis Edinburgh app directly to your device. Get our free and powerful app for iPhone and Android and get your car right out of your hand.

Cabs Edinburgh App Book, track and buy your taxi.

When you need to modify information about the app, or when you need to choose a standard car model or method of payments, you can do so from your preferences page.

In order to use the credit cards for payments, choose the set-up options on the Settlement Options page. Enter your data and return to the reservation page. Go back to the type of transaction and choose the credit cards by right click on the icon. We' ll text you to let you know when your taxi arrives and when you have been drop off.

If you have made a booking with the credit voucher, do not pass your credit voucher on to the cardholder, who will need to handle it via his smartphone. You should only do this if a credit has been rejected and a different method of paying is used. Cardholder data is secured by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security).

City Cabs ( Edinburgh ) Ltd. in the App Store

The City Cabs Edinburgh App is a great place to get started. Just click a few times to book, follow and pay for your cabs. Add your partner's number to your reservation and we'll email him a message so he can trace your taxi. The City Cabs have been in operation since 1925 and have a total of over 440 cabs with around 1200 riders, all of which pass the Edinburgh "The Knowledge" test.

Booking with us is a quick, effective, reliable and above all secure taxi ride. This app is for the UK market only, so all destinations are in the UK only. With this app you can reserve a licensed taxi from us. Each time we used the app 3 different ways with a different transport and a different number of people.

Every TAXI we asked for in the app was located exactly where we had asked for it at the moment we asked for it. I' m not going to hesistate to use that app again in Edinburgh. Im on holiday in Edinburgh in 2012 and have used this app several used. It was never too early for the chauffeur.

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