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Many thanks for considering Yellow Cab for your transportation needs. Our goal is to achieve this by offering our customers the best Columbus taxi service, express cabin is a reliable and safe ride through Columbus, downtown. To provide friendly and reliable transportation services to the Bangor, ME area and beyond.


  • Simply select your pick-up point on the card or type in your home from your stored bank details. - Attach a reference to your order for a transport car. - Verify the state of your transport order on the card. - Observe how your transport car drives to your pick-up point on the card.
  • Get e-mail notification and order validation for a transport truck.

Dick's Taxi and Transport Services

Dick's Transportation Solutions has been active in the taxi business since 1991. Possessioned by the families and in operation until 2015, we have chosen to continue to expand our business and to join with other taxi companies in the region. Proud of our proffesional and neat appearance. There' s no call we refuse or miss - if you need a trip, we ensure we collect you in less than 20 mins!

If you are not able to collect or remove your children, we also work with school, exchanges and parent organisations. Dick's Transportation Services is flexible and flexible. Because Dick's Transportation Services is on call around the clock, you'll never be stuck without a trip. No matter whether you need to make a fast way to the food shop (we are loading and unloading the goods for you!), or whether you are scheduling a funny overnight with your buddies and don't want to be worried about getting around, we offer a neat, dependable and professionally transported bus for you.

Lokale und Langstreckenfahrten zum Docks

You need a quick drive? The TWIC is authorized to take you to and from the harbor, to the harbours and oil mills! Are you looking for a trip to and from the international airports or the coach terminal? I need a drive to a health care institution or doctor's practice. When you can comfortably use the Blacc Transport Taxi Service, why drive a congested coach?

A TWIC-certified chauffeur can access any petroleum plant, harbor or harbour to take you to your final destinations. Give us a call today or just fill out the pick-up enquiry and we' ll send a chauffeur to your address! Do you need a lift to the Louisiana Casino? Our service includes shuttles to and from all Louisiana Casino locations!

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