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Airlines serving PDX offer a non-stop service from Portland to cities throughout the state and around the world. Complete listing of US Alaska Lounge locations, opening hours, amenities & partners

Describes all locations of the Alaska Lounge, providing details on the precise locations of the airports, opening times and general conveniences. In addition, you will find information about how to gain admission to these Alaska lounge facilities, as well as authorization and daily tickets. You' ll also find out how to get started in partnership lounge facilities such as American Airlines Admirals Clubs, United Clubs and more.

The Alaska Airlines named their lounge "Alaska Airlines Board Rooms". "Whilst some tags and items may still use the word board room, this brand-name has been removed and all lounge's are now referred to just as Alaska lounge's. 5:00 - 22:00 Alaska lounge es are some of the best-reviewed home lounge out there.

Alaska Airlines is known for its line-up of lounges, whether it's the comforts, the true hospitableness or the space to reach out and unwind, or a mix of all three. Occasionally there will be handmade Starbucks coffees, such as in the new JFKounge. The facilities vary from lounges to lounges, but you can count on food before the flight:

Whilst some lounge areas are bigger than others, Alaska generally gives guests a reasonable amount of space to reach out and unwind or just relax and do some work. Alaska' s lounge has a Pacific Northwest atmosphere and uses country-style wooden touches and optional seated leathers. The ANC, SEA and JFK lounge even have a chimney.

In each Alaska Lounges there is an asphalt, kiosk or door for aircraft manufacturers. Alaska Lounges all have free Wi-Fi and free workplaces, and you'll find lots of ports to recharge wherever you go.

It is possible to buy a subscription on-line, at any Alaska Lounge site or by telephone. You get a member after receipt of your money. The members must present this badge in conjunction with their same-day on-board badge (on each carrier) and a photograph ID for entry to the lounges. An Alaska Member may gain entry to an Alaska Lounge if they are not travelling as long as a meeting room has been reserved 24 h rs in advance, or if the Member is participating in an activity hosted by the Alaska Lounge. Alaska Members may also take part in an Alaska Club meeting if they are not travelling.

The Alaska Lounge members can take their immediate families (spouse or life partners and kids under 21 years) or 2 adults with them at no surcharge. At the Alaska Lounges you can buy daily tickets for $45 per people. They can be bought at any Alaska Lounge site and are available for one unique use only.

These must be used in connection with daily paid flights with any carrier. Visitors are not permitted with a daily ticket. It is possible (but unlikely) that an Alaska Lounge may restrict entry or purchasing of a daily allowance due to limited capacities. Thus the purchasing of multi-day tickets is compared to the member dues.

If, for example, you were considering buying a default subscription, you would need to make 11 or more Alaska Lounge sessions in a year to cover the costs of a new subscription that outweighs the costs of custom daily tickets. Occasionally, you may receive free Alaska Lounge use.

Like some other airlines' loop, free entry to the airport loop covers any traveller travelling with a prepaid first rate or reward tickets on Alaska Airlines flights. Unfortunately the entry does not contain the actual upgrade occupants (U-Class). Permission is only given on the date of the flight and does not cover other club rooms of the carrier.

Please note: Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Holders do not have full admission to these facilities. Persons with a current Admirals Club member have full admission to all Alaska Lounge locations. Affiliates must present their member cards, a flightboard on an American Airlines or Alaska Airlines flight, and photographic identification.

It does not include day pass or Citi® / AAdvantage Management cardholder - the only major cardholder that gives you entry to Admirals Club lounge area. Every Alaska Lounge is part of the Priority Pass programme. Although normally not a problem, it is important to keep in mind that Priority Pass members may have restricted admission to Alaska lounge due to lack of room.

There was some enthusiasm last year about Alaska loungees that limit admission to Priority Pass members and their visitors. It is entirely within Alaska's right (and the right of other owners of lounges) to limit entry in accordance with the General Business Rules. Credentials that contain Priority Pass membership: Being a member of the Alaska lounge programme gives you the opportunity to join over 90 affiliate locations around the world, among them:

American Airlines Admirals Club is the primary sponsor for this kind of use. In Alaska, it quickly indicates that members have privileged locations and can modify these locations without prior notification. Upon arriving or departing on the date of trip, a passenger can utilize a bought or cashed milestone Alaska Airlines or American Airlines airline membership to gain admission to an Admirals Club.

Like the Alaska Lavazza Visitors Policies, members are permitted to receive free entry for their immediate families or 2 visitors as long as they arrive or depart on a flight to Alaska or America. Affiliate Lounger Account does not cover Premium America Airlines entrance to Premium America Airlines. In the same way that Alaska Club members are granted entry to selected Admirals Club locations, Admirals Club members are granted entry to all Alaska Club locations.

Qantas Club members have direct acces to selected Alaska Club locations. It is Alaska lounge policies that apply, and members and visitors do not have entry to Qantas first class lounge facilities. Only 2 U.A. Qantas locations are available for Alaska members: HNL (Honolulu Intl) and LAX (Los Angeles Intl; LAX; Company Lounge).

In the USA there are 7 extra Partnerlounges where the members of the Alaska Lounge have entrance. Information about the regulations of the Alaska-Lounge you find here. Alaska Airlines is a great place to be if you are flying a lot, especially if you have air carrier credentials. But if you are flying a number of different airlines from a number of different destinations and have no air traffic control with Alaska, your default affiliation is quite expensive.

You' d better be considering a Priority Pass equipped reward trip debit line, as you' ll get all sorts of extra benefits! With kind permission of PRNewsfoto/Alaska Airlines; Accumulate 60,000 Member Rights® points after using your new map to make $5,000 in deposits in the first 3 month.

Membership Rewards 5X points on a flight directly chartered with an airline or on American Express Travel. Membership Rewards 5X points for qualifying hotel reservations made through Platinum Members can gain entry to the Global lounge collection, the only international airports accredited lounging programme that offers private lounges around the globe.

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