New Ambessedor

The new Ambessedor

The arrival of a new ambassador - France diplomacy A new Ambassador's coming is a matter of rule and courtesy that falls within the jurisdiction of the Ceremony Department of the Protocol Department. The new Ambassador to the Salon d'honneur will be greeted by a member of the protocol department if the arrivals take place on working days between 9:00 and 19:00. The Ambassador is received at other hours by staff at the arriving aerodrome or train terminal and taken to the Salon d'honneur. Date and hour of check-in determines the order in which each Ambassador submits registration information. The access data shall be recorded in a registry by the receiving agency on mission.

Where an Ambassador is not received on his or her return, the date of his or her formal return shall be the date indicated verbally on the letter sent by the Embassy to the Protocol Department confirming the Ambassador's return. Within the few working days following his arriving, the chief of protocol or his deputy will politely invite the new ambassador.

CMD " can be granted to the new embassador if all conditions are met. New Ambassadors shall provide the Chief of Protocol or their alternate with a genuine copy of their mandates and of the previous Ambassador's call-back note. Before presenting his mandates, the new diplomat may meet his counterparts in the various administrative units and members of the Diplomatic Corps, beginning with the Dean.

Ambassadors are asked not to attend government members and National Assembly and Senate President meetings and not to give interview. As soon as the date of the certificate ceremonies has been determined by the President of the Republic, the Protocol Department will inform the Ambassador of the date by phone.

Ambassadors will be sent letters confirming the date by the Head of Protocol and are required to confirm the date and to indicate the languages in which the session will be conducted, where the Ambassador is to be picked up and the name of the two staff members who will be accompanying him.

According to Parisian practices, testimony giving events are organized each month by groups of five messengers. If the Ambassador is going on a short-term assignment or if his position is unoccupied, the Head of the Mission should notify the Protocol Division in the form of a verbal memo, stating the date of his departure and the name of the Chargé d'Affaires ad Interim.

When the Ambassador arrives, the minutes department should also be notified of the date of the return of his duties.

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