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The fastest private aircraft

Speaking of superbikes, sports cars or high-speed private jets - speed is something that everyone will love. Have you ever wondered which private jet charters are the fastest? Find out about some of the fastest private jets available today in our guide.

Five fastest private planes on the world.

Speaking of super bikes, sport bikes or high-speed private airplanes - velocity is something that everyone will love. Whether you are chartering it from Dallas or any other part of the globe, the fastest private plane will not only take you long distance without stopping, it will also help you conserve valuable airspace.

Your noteworthy pace, however, is not the only consideration when considering chartering or owning a private plane. That' s why we have chosen to briefly describe five of the fastest private airplanes in the industry to help you make the right choice. Gulfstream G550 is one of the cheapest private planes with a max airspeed of 585 mbph.

The private plane, which was awarded the renowned Robert J. Collier Trophy, has a cruising distance of 6,750 sea-mile, which is about 550 sea-mile more than an ordinary private one. Bombardier Global 6000 is a private aircraft with a large cab ine and extremely long cruising distance, capable of flying at a top velocity of approximately 590 Megaph.

The Global 6000, formerly known as Global Express XRS, is a private aircraft carefully designed for the most demanding travellers. The Dassault Falcon 7X is able to reach a top velocity of approx. 593 km/h and has low position, high curved blades which were presented for the first time at the Paris Air Show 2005. It can carry up to 12 people and has a 5,950 nm non-stop cruising distance, making it an excellent choice for those who often cover long journeys.

The Gulfstream G650 is the end of the line if you are looking for a quick, large-cabin private aircraft with a long outreach. At a top velocity of 610 km/h, the 650 provides a superb blend of velocity, styling and comfort. In fact, the Gulfstream G650 is the largest, fastest and most comfortable private aircraft you can buy for cash.

Provides the minimum cab air flow pressures at peak heights - pressurizing the cab to 3,000 feet, even over 41,000 feet - to make sure your cardiac and lung don't have to work at all. This Cessna Citation makes it the undisputed leader of velocity in the private jet age.

Upgrading to the Cessna Citation Winter Olympics - new power plants and electronics - it has the ability to run at Mach 0. 935 or 717mphs. Driven by two Rolls-Royce Allison AE 3007C turboprop or 3507C1 turboprop units, the Citation X+ seats up to 12 people and has a 3,216 nm cruising distance.

When you are fascinated by airspeed, luxurious air travel and the need for regular air travel, purchasing or renting one of these five private planes is a sure thing. Please contact one of our specialists at (877) 720-2770 for a non-binding advice or ask for a quote for private aircraft, click here.

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