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<font color="#ffff00" size="mw-headline" id="Événements_de_la_Vice-ville_de_la_TGT">Événements de la Vice-Ville_de_la_TGT Vice-City Cabs is a taxi business headquartered in Vice City in 1986. Vice City Cabs are great rival to Kaufman Cabs and Mean Street Taxis. However, the taxi company's site is not known, but it is said to be somewhere in Vice City. They' re taller than Kaufman Cabs, have more taxis[1] and finally try to slay Tommy Vercetti (owner of Kaufman Cabs) during the Cabmaggedon-ission.

Although they're taller, they don't have a taxi yard in Vice City. 1986, in the vicinity of Grand Theft Auto: Vice city, Vice Cities Cabs were the largest taxi company/company in Vice Cities. Despite rivalry from Kaufman Cabs and Mean Street Taxis, the business still dominated the taxi community in the town.

However, the business began to experience a setback in 1986 when a V.I.P. traveller of Tommy Vercetti, the new Kaufman Cabs proprietor, was taken out of one of his cabs and later had three of his cabs demolished by Tommy to put an end to competing with hiss. Furious at Tommy's efforts to harm his business, the proprietor entices Tommy to a large extent, where he and a number of taxi riders try to assassinate Vercetti, who succeeds in killing the proprietor of the Vice City Cab (who runs a Katana) and his taxi riders.

The Cabmaggedon delegation believes that the Vice Cities Cabs have lessened their impact in the town, and Kaufman Cabs have substituted them as top taxi companies. VC Cabs taxi. VC Cabs employee. The taxi riders of the Vice Cities cabs are wearing navy jerseys on assignments. In general, however, Vice Citycabs riders are wearing purple jerseys, similar to their Kaufman Cabs equivalents.

Vice City Cabs riders are more belligerent and adversarial than their Kaufman colleagues. Wherever the gamer stole a taxi from a Vice City Cabs rider, the rider would assault the gamer and/or stole the taxi back, unlike his Kaufman Cabs pals who would only stole back their taxi or run away.

Ted: "VC Cabs beat us again and again.

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