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Join the official website of Jet Airways, the home of India's leading international airline. Jet Airways has been operating on domestic turf for more than a decade and is expanding its network outside India.

Feeling at Home - Review by Jet Airways

Nihan and Amit (both from the Guest Service Team), who met me at the aerobridge at Mumbai Airport, were the start of my trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Flogged February 4, 2018 at 9W 7082. Headquarters No. 1 C. I was flying from Ahmedabad to Mumbai). I' m amazed at how the Mumbai Jet Airways Guest Relations teams are developing a trustful passenger experience.

Nihan (she is full of energetic, tremendously helpful) and Amit (he is tender, kind-hearted and very caring) have often aided me. Luggage handler Rahul accompanied me from the aircraft comb to the GMR Domestic Lounge (Jet Airways has a strategical relationship with this lounge). It was a great pleasure for me to welcome the guest service assistant Joanne Dsouza.

You will be responsible for helping and guiding Jet Airways customers who arrive at the lounges. In a jiffy she quickly set up a pram when she learned that all the carriers were occupied taking wheelchair users. Flight experience: Personally, I liked the professionality and the almost supernatural disciplines of Anirudha Lalan (In Flight Manager) and Parinita Patil (Forward Crew).

She' s very hospitable. Jet Airways' in-flight services are always superb. However, last year alone I flown 54 flights in my last year' season in my last one. I' m grateful to Abdul, the porter and Suprotim (Arrival Belt) for their help. I' m very into Jet Airways' In Flight Magazine.

We have 30 alien aircraft on board from Jet Airways.

Mumbai: Jet Airways (India) Ltd. has hired 30 overseas aircraft since April this year after the National Aviator's Guild (NAG) demanded the elimination of all these "expensive" aircraft. Naresh Goyal and partially held by Etihad SA, Jet Airways has 54 overseas aircraft still working with it.

They, too, would be eliminated over a longer timeframe, said one individual who was initiated into it. "Jet Airways has given around 40 Expat Drivers rose paper in the last six and a half years. So far a total of 30 international drivers have been sent home.

However, we want all these costly planes to be abolished," the individual said. In April this year, the National Aviator's Guild gave an order to some 1,000 of its members not to go with the overseas commander after one of the overseas pilot attacked a coach in Bengaluru.

Guilds had also reproached company managers for "neglecting" their local aviators. "For a very long period of times, managers have been gradually maternalizing India's staff, as well as those involved in piloting, and ignoring the legitimacy of their staff's expectation to be fairly, reasonably and fairly treated," the guard had said at the forefront.

Jet Airways is planning not to extend the servicing agreements of several other expatriate planes, of the 54 remaining planes, within this tax bracket, the individual said Jet Airways had already scheduled the distance of other such planes over an extended timeframe. Responding to an e-mail inquiry from PTI on the subject, a Jet Airways spokesman said the carrier has only a "small percentage" of its expatriate population, which meets DGCA standards for FATA (Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorisation), but did not express an opinion on the distance of the expat-pilot.

Jet Airways' international flyers manage their Boeing 737 and ATR fleets. Currently, the carrier has over 1,400 pilot on its wheels.

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