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We are there when you need us! Oshawa City Wide Taxi. The coach will be waiting for you with the City Wide Taxi. We have been taking Oshawa people where they need to go since 1977. All our cars are secure and checked on a regular basis, our chauffeurs are knowledgeable and courteous and our services are always flawless.

Are you looking for a taxi elevator from a serious taxi company, call us today.

Just fill out the e-form on this page, include your name, telephone number and e-mail, and we will contact you with an answer soon.

Downtown-Wide Taxi - Opening times

Well, I phoned this morning and ordered a cab. Unbelievably poor customer care and poorly organised shipping teams. One of my friends had a recent problem with them, talked to them about it, and the fucking clerk was very ignorant of the text that spoke in all the capital cities and had the boldness to side with the riders who lied.

BAD SERVICES. Donna in City Wides Oshawa went beyond that to help me. On the basis of my interactions with her, I will always use City Widespread when necessary. Well, I wouldn't suggest City Wides as a means of transport. The best taxi company.... The best taxi company in the city.

Anyone will be advised to use them as they offer the services in a professionally way. The best enterprise in Oshawa by far. Quick, dependable and the riders are great!

Taxi Licenses

  • the city of Oshawawa

Taxiicab driver's license applicant must have: To become a barrier-free rider, you must provide evidence that you have successfully passed your QStraint course. Taxiicab Vehicle Owner Licenses are granted to individuals on the Plate Issuance Eligible List (P.I.E.L.). In order to have your name included in the P.I.E.L., you must complete an enrolment form for a Taxicab Vehicle Owner License and provide evidence of authorization.

A P.I.E.L. request can be picked up at the license desk in the town hall. Taxiicab Broker Licences are granted to individuals or businesses who are willing to run Taxiicab cars. In the event that indictments or sentences appear on the C.I.R., the request is reviewed and approved by management.

Acces to the Oshawa Taxicab City Licensing Ordinance. Taxicab Driving Licence, Taxicab Vehicle Keeper License and Taxicab Broker License applications packs can be collected at City Hall Licensing, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have a claim for an available Taxicab Waiver in our Customer Services, you can use our On-Demand Accessable Taxicab Waiver in Customer Services complaint form.

Information on the tax rate of the taxicab.

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