Online Travel Booking

On-line travel booking

booking and travel service No matter if booked online, by telephone or via mobil, your staff will get consistently delivered contents and a personalised event. At CWT, we make it easy for your staff to travel with travel booking solutions that not only offer superior service, but are privileged by your staff. We go beyond a consumer-friendly travel environment to offer personalised travel booking solutions that meet the needs of your staff, increase their level of enjoyment and help them comply with travel policies.

Irrespective of whether your staff interacts with us by telephone, online or on the move, they benefit from uniform contents and personalised travel booking tolls. Our travel website, award-winning travel application, thoughtful travel consultants, and online booking tool assistance help keep your bookings on track.

Much the same applies to travel dates. Everything we do is based on information from travel booking to reports. Higher value results come from higher value input. One way to improve travel information is to use our company's own travel profiling system to correctly capture your employees' personally identifiable information on every booking.

One-stop, end-to-end, our end-to-end, end-to-end booking system supports all booking processs-online, off-line and mobile-and delivers a better, more consistently booking experiences with fewer inaccuracies. Completely embedded into CWT's operating system, traveller profiles are synchronized fully automated with CWT's worldwide sales and online booking engines to make sure every booking takes into account up-to-date and precise staff information and preference.

When it comes to booking your travels, they want to do it as effectively as possible. CWT can help make your life simpler, save you valuable and keep you occupied with your programme by providing you with the information, resources and travel booking service you need.

MyCWT, our built-in online myCWT technology delivers an immersive and unified user interface across all types of device, whether tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. End-to-end, easy travel booking service, regardless of how your staff books travel. Get your travel profile and your company's online booking tools. Administration and route detail as required.

In addition, our solution can help you improve travel policies, reduce cost, improve employee productivity, and improve travelers' travel experience. Provide your staff with the booking agility and comfort they need without compromising your travel programme goals. Part of CWT' built-in capabilities, our award-winning portable application allows customers to easily make bookings for hotel and flight accommodations around the world.

Our application makes it easy to book your trip on a smart phone or tray, keeping your staff members happier and supporting your travel itinerary. More than 1 million subscribers and the highest ever Travel Manager Factory application ever, it is clearly the satisfaction of corporate travellers. CWT travel agencies go beyond mere reservation.

Travel agents take a consulting stance on travel booking by creating value and resolving issues. Each CWT travel agent is dedicated and capable of doing the work and addressing the travel needs of your staff, whether they make a telephone booking, make a booking by e-mail, change an established booking, or assist with an online booking.

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