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LOOK TO ESTIMATED FARES NOW. Hire-A-Flight Ticket Reservation Service for Schengen, Canada or Australia Visa Applications (applies to other countries!) - Mr&MrsHowe

Please note: This hire is used for visas (the requirement is usually a certified flight booking, see below) and not for those who plan to work abroad illegally." Our services are for the purpose of your visas and are fully consistent with all applicable immigrant legislation and regulations.

NOW WE BOOK YOUR AIRFARES! SIMPLE STEPS FOR simple steps for air tickets rental: STEEP 1: Submit your air cancellation enquiry below: Neither your identity nor your date of birth are required... You only need to provide this information if you want to register for the flight on-line.

In this case you only need a certified flight booking from a tour operator. We strongly recommend that for visas, you reserve our services 1 or 2 business days prior to your visas date and the tickets will be put on ice for up to 3 week or so, whichever is just enough for your visas, airline and date of your trip.

WHEN TRAVELLING AS A GROUP (FRIENDS/FAMILY), YOU CAN SIMPLY ENTER THE FULL NAME (PASS FITS) BELOW SO THAT YOU CAN BE UNDER THE SAME TICKET BOOKING NUMBER (YOU STILL HAVE YOUR INDIVIDUAL TICKET AND WE CAN OFFER AN ADDITIONAL GROUP TICKET). If you are travelling to several day destinations or other airports for round-trip ticketing, please indicate this on the "Each detail request" page below.

$30 per roundtrip, and $30 for each further stage. Holding period up to 3 working hours or more according to flight plan requirements and airlines. The name, typing error, airport (departure/arrival) and date can be changed up to 3 x free of cost for 3 consecutive workingdays after ticket issue.

If you do not, please submit the screenshots of your payments to Yvette.mmh@gmail.com to help you. It is possible to validate your flight directly on the website by using the airline reservation code on your flight. When departing from the Philippines we can only make reservations with our partner company and the only way to verify your booking with them is to call the airline call centre.

Your website is only intended for on-line bookings and not for bookings at your local tourist office. We cannot make bookings for low cost carriers as this is a "book and pay" - no reservations and you have to make the full payment. When there is a bug in your flight reservations, don't be worried because we can modify it up to 3x - the airports, the data and the way your name is written, free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: This hire is used for visas (the requirement is usually a certified flight booking, see below) and not for persons who plan to work in another countries without permission. Our services are for the purpose of your visas and are fully consistent with all applicable immigrant legislation and regulations.

Did you ever try to process your own passport under your own passport or under the passport number you have list eh napapapagod ka na? Did you ever try to book a reimbursable flight just to meet this requirement at tallagang yun pa lange e kaggard ka na?

How about the dream of spending hundred of bucks on your flight just to find out later that your ticket was withheld? What's worse is that this reservation charge is non-refundable and you can't do anything about it? While I know it may be hard for you to get every individual required visas on your own, I have very good news: I am here to help.

Meanwhile, I have taken the step of working with an Middle East certified tour operator that serves SAWs or Filipinos abroad. Usually they do not do service like this with casual individuals, but only with their patrons; most of the times, they will only do it if the individual guarantees to actually purchase the full amount of the tickets.

However, in our case, I told them that by working in partnership with me, we can help travellers with visas and for those who long to go long-term and become digital nomads. Once you have paid the $30 (USD) or Php 1,500 (Philippines Pesos) below reservations charge, they will make for you a Legitate and UNIQUE FLIGHT Book Online Reservation /PNR that can be reviewed.

Feel free to browse the airline's website, enter the airline's booking number and your name under my booking management. At the end of the holding time, usually 3 week for visas, we will endeavour to void them and you will NOT be asked to fully cover the cost of the flight tickets.

It' s your turn to look for the best flight deals to the land you want to see. Please keep in mind that most of the embassies only need a confirmed flight booking that is located where they have deposited their FISA TRAVEL DATA. In fact, they will advise you against paying the full amount of the tickets before you receive a full refund!

Lots of folks make everything reservations on-line and it will be really difficult or scarce to get a flight pass that will give you a full reimbursement after a holding of 3 or 4 week, which is usually the timeframe for your visas request and your authorization. However, I have replied to most of the common queries below, you can also review our step-by-step procedure below on how to make your Rent-A-Flight ticketing reservation.

Please note: I am posting this for my Philippine travel companions, but we can expand this coverage to other nations as well. These days folks think that your ticket is always a phony. A few people/agencies make a dummy/fake flight booking with the help of performance and their Photoshop skills - and if you get busted, good luck doing the punishment/charges you may be subject to.

They can be accused of counterfeiting, forced to bear the actual air costs, expelled, blacklisted or even discharged. The Rent-A-Flight ticket reservations, on the other side, are a valid and legal ticket purchase at a certified tourist office. Please go to the airline's website, embed the airline's reservations key and find your name under My Reservations.

Further flight tickets are confirmations of a flight/train/bus reservation from the land which is about to enter another land (e.g. from Vietnam to Cambodia or from Manila to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Dubai). The return flight tickets are a confirmation of a reservation of a flight/train/bus from the land to be returned to the original land (e.g. Manila-Paris-Manila).

They are both necessary for the application for your visas as they provide evidence of when you intend to depart from the target state after your sojourn there. Please note: Once your visas have been validated, if you are actually coming to check-in for your flight and passport migration, you will be asked to produce evidence of your fully prepaid flight back tickets or prepaid continuation documents.

Our services are for the purpose of your visas and are fully consistent with all applicable immigrant legislation and regulations. "that charges less than your fee. Okay, then you don't need our services, don't hesitate to order them from them, because any reputable tour operator can do this voluntarily.

Rent-A-Flight is available on-line and is aimed at those who do not know any tourist offices willing to use this type of services. There are 3 simple ways to make your flight reservations! But you can make it for yourself or for other folks, it doesn't really matters... just think, you're gonna talk to me directly! =)

It can be booked up to 3 week before your flight time. If you are applying for a long-stay visas, we suggest that you reserve our services a few working days prior to your request so that the tickets are kept for up to three working hours, although this depends on the carrier.

Usually, the further away your date of departure is, the longer it will last. When the date of departure is very short, the carrier can free the flight to make room for purchased flight coupons. That' s enough waiting for your visas to be handled! Stage 2: There is only one single booking fee per individual - 30 US$ or 1,500 PHP.

Optional 2: via Paypal or your Visa, Amex or Mastercard in Philippines Pesos. Failure to receive your flight reservation within 24hrs will result in a full reimbursement. You can also make a typing mistake of your name (do not switch to other people's names), date of flight and airport three changes, FREE.

The majority of embassies, in particular the Schengen area, require an applicants to prove a round-trip flight fare. They must stick to it or run the risks of your visas being refused immediately. Also, please be aware that you only need to copy, download, print a copy of your CONFIRMED FLUENCE VOICE with VOICE /PNR number and hand it in to your system to check whether you have fully purchased it or not; make your reservation on-line or through a tourist agent.

The majority of Philippine citizens who are VISA-ON-ARIVAL or VISA-FREE nationals need an air or round-trip airline pass to make sure that you don't take their indulgence and that you don't stay and work in an illegal environment any longer. If you actually go to the land you have registered for, you must present a full prepaid voucher, not just a booking.

These services are for your passport only. In case you do not know what the different definitions of visas are, please see below: FREE means that you can go to a foreign state without a valid visas and reside for a certain amount of it. This means that you will be issued a entry permit to the destination of your landing at the international airports.

Your visas are issued by an immigrant official when you show up and only after all related visas fee has been made. This means that you must search and obtain a visas at the nearest foreign diplomatic mission, customs office or authorized representative before you can fly to the destination state. These can be documentation proving your pecuniary capacity, your state of health and your past travelling experience.

Learn more later. e-VISA means that your visas will be applied for via the web. Your pre-trip pass will not have a tag, decal or rubber stamping on it. You will find your visas on the computer and they will be associated with your pass number. ARE THERE ANY RISK WHEN YOU PURCHASE A REFUNDABLE ONE?

And I know that a reimbursable fare seems to be the best choice for any traveller out there. With the Rent-A-Flight tickets booking no problem anymore! 1 ) It will take a heap of your valuable amount of your working hours The search and selection procedure for an air carrier with a flight booking facility along with the procedure of cancelling and refunding your funds, not to speak of a few but long telephone conversations with your local banking institution will take quite a bit of it.

6 ) This is a 24 hour ticket only - unlike the Rent-A-Flight ticket, which is available for up to three consecutive week (depending on the airline), the self book is only available for 24hrs. What happens if you have to stop your conversation all of a sudden? You will then go through the same search and book procedure again.

1 ) Is it better than to book the flight yourself? Reserving a flight on your own will take a while. There is also a certain amount of danger, such as missing the cancelation of the reservations and the full payment of the fare. We take care of everything from bookings to cancellations.

This is a valid flight/booking acknowledgement that is recognised throughout the world. 4 ) Can I get a flight receipt for each state? It is possible to make bookings for multiple airline companies in ALL parts of the world. 6 ) When will I get the order acknowledge? 7 ) Where do you get the flight reservations from?

It is ONLY available from our affiliate agencies who reserve valid airline ticket bookings from certified carriers. 9 ) Do I owe the full flight charge? No, you only need to cover the above mentioned booking costs. 10 ) Is this booking charge reimbursable? You will only be refunded if you do not get the flight booking confirmation after 24 hour wait.

11 ) What happens if there is an error in my flight bookings? 12 ) Can I make a reserve for someone else? Simply enter your data on the flight reservations page. 13 ) Can I make a reserve for several nationalities? Our bookings are world-wide. 15 ) I have a dilemma with my bookings.

16 ) How can I be sure that I will get my flight booking? Failure to receive your booking within 24 hours will definitely result in a refund. Also, if you use PayPal to make your payment, you are assured PayPal Buyer Protection if you do not receive the booking.

Payment can be made with your Paypal bankroll, Amex, Visas and Mastercard. 20 ) Can I make a full flight booking with the agent after receiving the permit? 21 ) I know a locale tourist agent who charges less than your tariff? Okay, then make the booking with them! These services are only for persons who do not know any tour operators who are willing to use this type of services.

In order to prevent human trafficking, Filipinos are usually asked to submit their flight back. Much as I want to help, our partners do not want to be caught up in such a situtation. 23 ) I want to reserve several places (e.g. Manila - London-Paris-Barcelona-Manila), how much does it charge?

The $30 charge applies to one way or round trips only; if you are travelling to different cities, you will be billed per itinerary. Already I have assisted MUCH humans with their mandatory entry with my coaching and coaching services and I am proud that almost all of them have given their permission!

Also I do this kind of counselling and counselling for those who want to know more about sustainable travel lifestyle, travel blogging, long term travel, visas counselling and my expert knowledge is to train new travellers or applicant to get through the USA Consulate Visas Interview etc.

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