Airline Safety Ratings

Safety classifications for airlines

An airline's maximum security rating is seven stars. Airline and safety ratings are transparent to promote and promote the safety of all passengers throughout the airline industry. Please visit our new and improved comparison tool for safety assessment!

Precise safety ratings for airlines - Skytrax

We do not release a comparable assessment of airline security or airline security records because there is not a precise overall safety and/or incident safety credential that provides information that we believe our travelers can truly trust or that provides absolute precision to our clients in selecting an airline.

It can be an emotional issue for air travelers, and we believe they merit 100% precision. Every individual, overall air traffic control action must be designed to do just that - a unique, gapless assessment paradigm, created by inconsistencies in the way safety events can or cannot be notified.

The fact is that it is currently not possible to obtain (or provide) 100% accurate and/or coherent overall airline security incident coverage. Either this is true for the precision or coherence of the coverage of all airline companies around the globe and is also influenced by the fact that it can obtain a guarantee of coherence in the coverage of regulators or government agencies in "all" jurisdictions around the globe.

The Skytrax system assesses the compliance of an airline's front-line personnel with safety and security requirements on the basis of the airline's audit expertise and the assessment of how effectively and rigorously an airline's front-line personnel applies safety and security requirements for airports and cabins before and during flight. At Skytrax, we inspect airline safety trainings, review safety trainings and test safety processes.

The publication of a comprehensive Airline Safety Ratings could, however, be deceptive from our career point of view as there is no precise or scientifically based formulation that can be used across the entire airline safety sector. The Skytrax safety system focuses on carriers that have been certified as part of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). It is a trustworthy resource for the aviation sector.

It is an international recognized and recognized assessment system for the assessment of an airline's operative managerial and controlling system.

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