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The estimated price is: $. Estimated cost of your MSP airport trip using the Minneapolis cabin price calculator. Metro Taxi Connecticut fare calculator. Prices for the barrier-free taxi service are the same as for the traditional taxi service. In order to serve our customers in the best possible way, we offer discounted fares on some of our standard trips: Take a look at our new tariff calculator!

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At your front doorstep, your local taxis will collect you and offer a package for Edmonton International Airports. Edmonton International Airports is situated about 25 km from Edmonton city centre and offers direct connections to most of Canada's large towns and around the globe. Our aim is for our expert Flughafentaxi driver to get you to your destinations safe and on time, without worrying about transport or having to plan the quickest itinerary.

Booking an Flughafentaxi with us today and enjoying the trip!

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Tariffs below are only estimations calculated on the basis of mean flows and distances. Tariffs may differ depending on the season and volume of travel. If you travel with a cab operator, province MCC rules stipulate that the charge for all journeys is set by the taximeter. Taxis included in all rates are the GST (Goods & Services Tax).

Please refer to our tariff information file for Kingston Area Taxi Commission price information.

Please refer to our tariff information file for Kingston Area Taxis Commission price information. Tariffs or tariffs to be applied by brokers / record holders / cab operators in the territory of the Commission and at a time not exceeding five (5) kilometres beyond the boundaries of that territory shall be as follows, plus harmonised turnover tax which shall be applied per metre:

The amendment to the fares shall apply from 4 January 2016. For package tours that end more than five kilometres outside the scope of the Kingston Area Taxicab Commission, the cab operator must agree the fares with the client before travel.

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Fares depend on travel times and distancesIf you travel at less than 10 km per hour, 80yen per 1 min 30 seconds if you travel at less than 10 km per hour, 90yen per 1 min 40 seconds. 1 The treatment of the taxis as taken after 1 km means that when a taxis is requested, if it goes further than 1 km to the pick-up point, the starting price has already been introduced and after the board of passengers the rest of the 1 km contained in the starting price is covered.

The calculation of the surcharge then begins.

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