Alaska Airlines Mileage Phone number

Miles Alaska Airlines Mileage Phone Number

In order to receive these miles, you must provide your mileage plan number when booking your flight. Below you will find our tips for booking by telephone. At Alaska Airlines, things have always been a little different. Below are some ways to earn Alaska Airlines miles:. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan's phone number?

Purchase and collect mileage at your favourite shops.

Buy and collect mileage at your favourite shops. You are not yet a member of the Mileage Plans? Thanks for your interest in Mileage: Plan? Purchasing. If you have mileage problems, please add the following information to the above descriptive sheet. In case you have problems with our website, please add the following information: Buy Visa Signature with your Alaska Airlines Signature® travel credit or debit cards and accumulate extra mileage each time you make a purchase. Alaska Airlines offers you a wide range of Visa Signature® travel cards.

Buy and make money at over 850 merchants - many of them your favourites. Collect Mileage PlanTM mileage for your purchases. Collect extra mileage when you purchase with a Mileage Plan or Mileage Plan debit credit or debit card. Mileage Plan offers a wide range of options.

To book Alaska Mileage Plan reward tickets

Eligibility for Alaska Mileage plan mileage is available for Alaska Airlines and 16 national and internation partner awards. Mileage and the charges necessary for an award pass vary depending on which carrier you select. These guidelines will take you through the entire rewards ticketing search and reservation procedure.

The Alaska Airlines is a conundrum for those trying to optimise their mileage. You have a reward table for each affiliate, so it's not always simple to say what a particular reward costs or if it's better than earning it with American Airlines mileage.

Really does depend on which carrier you have. Therefore it is very helpful to use the function I developed for searching Awards Charts, which shows a different prize for each affiliate. Check the Alaska Mileage Plan and other awards program rates. In order to give you a competitive edge, the "best" companion for a particular route is usually an air carrier with a large footprint in the area ( think British Airways or KLM for Europe and Cathay Pacific for Asia).

Since the same reward room is usually available to all affiliates, you should consider the possible charges and bonuses that might arise before you use your mileage. For example, if you have mileage with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines, they probably have different awards for the same fare. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with these charges before starting your search for premium availabilities.

In general, the surcharge card is the only route policy you need. Unless it means you can go from one area to another, this distinction is not possible - at least not with Alaska's mileage. For more information about which airlines operate which flights in which city, you can go to an airlines website or

There are, however, special regulations on how you can mix and match tickets with several airlines in the same premium. Try to grasp these and other route ing regulations before you begin to find flight types that may not be allowed. Find out more about the route policy of the Alaska Mileage Plans. Alaska Airlines and its affiliates have five main sites where you can look for bonus rooms:

Alaska Air. com,, British Airways. com, Qantas. com and The Alaska Airlines website is in most cases able to find and reserve rewards trips for all our affiliates, including: Find out more about how to find a reward room on the Alaska Airlines website. Note that Alaska only displays the Authorized Route Area.

There may be room available but will not be displayed if Alaska does not provide this special honor. Furthermore, Alaska does not show an awardspace for Cathay Pacific or LAN. That does not mean that there is no room for the awarding of prizes. Agents can also help you find Reward Spaces, but it may be simpler to look for Reward Spaces first on another website, especially if you are reserving premiums for those rare Reward Cabins.

Generally, the same awards room is made available to all affiliates - if another affiliate shows it on its website, then Alaska's agencies should be able to use it. Make sure you specify the date and number of the ticket. Even though you could only share data and towns with the Operator, his computer may not scan all possible choices.

One of the most extensive ways of locating reward places for other members of the British Airways Alliance is through British Airways. There is no premium room displayed on Alaska, however, which may restrict your options to find connections within the United States. British-airways may also show Reward Spaces for airlines that do not work with the Mileage Plan and Reward Spaces that do not comply with Alaska Awards Routeing regulations.

The reward area for these airlines should be shown on the British Airways website and should also be a partner in the Alaska Mileage Plan. Then you can call Alaska Airlines to book: British Airways' website is very useful for locating Cathay Pacific and LAN honors that are not shown on Alaska's website.

Please be aware that British Airways will be exhibiting Reward Spaces on Dragonair, an one world subsidiary offering Cathay Pacific flights. Dragonair is not a member of the Alaska Mileage Plan. Qantas website is a good back-up for British Airways, and it also includes the premium room for Alaska Airlines. They also showward-room on Emirates, which is a Qantas and Alaska Airlines ally.

Find out more about how to find an awards room through the British Airways and Qantas web sites. American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are sharing many of the same affiliates, and in some cases one provides a better searching experience than the other. A system can do a better job to find the same awards room, or it can provide a better way to view the results.

It really does depend on the type of distinction you are looking for and your preference. In general, I like to use the Alaska Airlines website for rewards posted with your airline mileage. However, you can still use the American Airlines website to find a reward place on these airlines: Find out more about how to find a reward room on the American Airlines website.

A number of Alaska's affiliates are members of SkyTeam, another similar alliances to the one in Alaska. Though you should find a premium room on the Alaska Airlines website, some choose to look on the Air France (Flying Blue) website instead. How the British Airways and Qantas differ will depend on what you like best.

Alaska Airlines partner companies listed below are listed on the Air France website: Find out more about how to find an awards section on the Air France website. ExpertsFlyer is a pay per use feature that some folks use, although there is at least one free feature that has been reviewed above for each of Alaska's affiliates. The ExpertFlyer can be found on the following providers if you decide to use it:

It is not recommended to search the Delta Air Lines website for allocation rooms. Since Delta does not release an Awardmap, it can be hard to know when you have found the lowest "saver" rewards available to airline affiliates like Alaska. Use the Alaska Airlines website to find room for SkyTeam affiliates, or the Flying Blues website if you really need a second thought.

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