Small Helicopter for Sale

Helicopter for sale

Used Helicopter Sales Archive - Robinson Helicopter Our extensive selection of British helicopter base means that we have a very large number of used Robinson aircraft at our disposal and will always do our best to find the right one for you. For a helicopter in your sights or for kind assistance on the basis of our 28 years of expertise, please call Brian Kane at +44 (0) 1789 470 476. Please contact us if you would like to see a listing of your used helicopter (Robinson or another model). Continue to look at the page as you can see that many of the choppers are sold very quickly.

Moskito Helicopter Sale

It is the pleasure of RIOTOR F/X to present the thrilling series of ReadyBuilt Moskito ultra-light and experiment choppers with five different helicopter types for every model and every requirement. The Moskito Air is ideal for ease and an unrivalled "out there" flight adventure. It is a pleasure plane that can be operated under FAA Part 103 ultra light vehicles and does not need an airplane registry or pilots licence.

If your preferences in an ultra-light part 103 require more of a conventional hull and cockpit, the Mosquito XEL will satisfy your needs. All XE model's built-in hull standards create an appealing and airy envelope with all the instruments and amenities a leisure rider would want.

Supplied security swimmers offer an exception to the 103lb default to keep this gorgeous glider in the ultra-light family. The helicopter can also be used under FAA Part 103 ultra-light vehicles and does not need an airplane registry or pilots licence. The Mosquito XE is the right place to get started if you have a rotary-wing ratings or plan to purchase your licence.

The helicopter will require FAA accreditation and helicopter pilots evaluation. The Mosquito XE285 helicopter's main characteristic is extra output. The XE285, like the XE in all other respects, has a 30% higher output for higher motor outputs, higher load capacities or high heights. Like the XE, this helicopter will require FAA certification and helicopter pilots evaluation.

It' the ultimative adventure in terms of achievement and tech. Featuring a top velocity of over 100 mbph and a climbing capacity of 1,200 ft per min, this plane will please the most discerning pilots while turning minds and collecting large numbers of people wherever you are. Nothing beats the raw strength and sonority of the engine that propels your helicopter into levels of efficiency that others will envire.

Mosquito XET is available as a fully assembled or complete package. Additionally, the jet turbo thruster is included in this glider and the costs start at $10,000 per glider, according to configurations and option. A number of jurisdictions, such as the USA, demand some involvement of the owners in design and manufacturing to be eligible for the ATMP experimental group.

MOUNTING: Builders' assistance is available for all helicopter types if you need full or part help building your helicopter. When your helicopter has been built, you can have your ROTOR F/X helicopter inspected and tested here or at your site. ReadyBuilt? Hubschrauber are completely mounted by very skilled Hubschrauber-A&P technicians and are supervised by a Karriere IA. ReadyBuilt? Hubschrauber is the first helicopter manufacturer in the world to offer a full range of helicopter services.

Let your helicopter be constructed and installed to the highest standard by licenced aerospace experts with many years of flying history. Descriptions provided by the Contractor shall be deemed correct at the date of publishing. Valentine's Day helicopter tours of Los Angeles are sold out very quickly - reserve your seat now!

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