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The Star Jets International is your number one option for empty legs. Privat Charter Jet Flights around the world The Star Jets International is your number one empty leg policy choice. Our strong relationship with the Star Jets International operator and computer system gives us instant and easy acces to every empty leg available around the globe. You can even register for our empty stage lists and enter your favourite itineraries.

The Star Jets International is the most competetive supplier in the empty leg business. 6 January 2010In "Available Services" Yacht Charter 1 January 2010In "Available Services" Private Jet Charter 12 January 2010In "Available Services".

Nearly anyone can excuse private jet use. Here is the procedure

Journey times to the airports. This is followed by the real trip, with all the associated bodily complaints during the trip. A clear answer to all these issues is the private plane. Alexander Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer of JetSuite and JetSuiteX, knows all about the benefits of private aviation.

" For most, the distinction between a brokers and an operators, or an empty leg at the last moment compared to a usable jet set up, is not known. "It is also the blame of the very cautious and konservative industrial sector that until recently was more a home based industrial sector and expense centre than a user offering.

" Wilcox, a member of YPO, believes that the true value of a private trip is the private GROUND adventure. "It' s like the old Bierkampagne: everything you want in an air company (namely a quick plane) and LESS - no terminals, no safety lanes, no shopping malls, no masses of people, no grumpy services.

It is possible to take advantage of all these advantages without having to charter an entire private jet. All of the rich's private jet tradition enabled them to fly according to their own schedules, reach hundred of destinations not served by the airline companies, and make the aircraft maintain when a flight takes place too late. Even if the aircraft was not operated by the airline companies, the rich were not able to fly at all.

A four-person jet will be about $4,000 per incident after all expenditures, cabs, and tax. But now there are ways to recoup the expense, besides just refuelling the jet. In addition, new features such as Surfair and JetSuiteX charge about the same as airfare, although in some cases (for the moment ) they provide fewer departures than their big-boobs.

However, what you make up for in terms of waste management at the airports can make up for more than just a change in your timetable around them. - JetSuiteX - buy with the tickets, like an air carrier, at approximately the same prices. - JetSmarter - an $15K per year charge gives you free entry to jet shuttles and empty legrooms.

  • Surfair - a $2K per month charge allows you to prebook up to 4 simultaneous departures, and you can reserve more departures after you've flown them. - JetSuite - Four-passenger jet aircraft, the starting point for jet charters, cost about $4,000 per hour. JetSuite is a four-passenger jet. These are the eight main reason why you should consider a private flight with Wilcox.

Know the value of your times and your beloved ones. "What does it take to miss your supper, your daughter's surgery or your nephew's performance?" asks Wilcox. "It'?s as much about private property as it is about private atmosphere. "Have a look at Surf-Air, JetSmarter and of course JetSuite and JetSuiteX," Wilcox says, "there are a number of newer suppliers that offer alternative routes to the major carriers.

"4. understand the possibilities for amortisation of costs. "If you are a little too slow, you can go whenever you want, and in most cases the airplane will not depart without you," Wilcox says. Explore a truly unforgettable adventure. "One experiences one of the last surviving digital services...", Wilcox smiles, "still!

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