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Fly fish

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Exocoetidae are a fish of the order Beleoniformes Actinopterygii group. Fishes from this group are known as flying fish. Fly fish can make strong, self-propelled jumps out of the waters into the open where their long, wing-like flippers allow them to glide long stretches over the sea floor.

Exocoetidae is both the name of the science and the general name in Latein for a flying fish. Commonly used for the indication of a pedigree, the -idae extension follows the roots of the Roman expression expoetus, a translation of the name ?????????. That means verbatim "sleeping outside", from www. "outside" and www. "bed", "resting place", verb root ???- "lying down" (not "untruth"),[4] so called that flying fish should exit the sea to go to sleep on land,[5] or because flying fish fly and so stay in boat.

In Japan, Vietnam and China, flying fish are caught by commercial gillnets and in Indonesia and India by dip nets. Fish in Japan is often conserved by dry process and used as fish fond for canned fishes. Cheilopogon agioo Rogen, or flying fish from Japan, is used for some species of sushi and is known as tobacco.

Fly fish is part of the Barbados food, cou-cou and fly fish. On the Solomon Islands the fish are captured during the flight with trawls, which are kept by canoe. It is known as "the landing of flying fish" and the fish is one of the nation's icons.

In addition, overexploitation in Barbados brought them nearer to the Orinoco Delta and did not return to Barbados in large numbers. Today the flying fish only hike to Tobago, about 120 nm (220 km) south-west of Barbados. In spite of the changes, flying fish are still a sought-after treat. There are many facets of BARBAD ICULT that revolve around flying fish; they are represented on coinage, as sculpture in wells, in works of art and as part of the Tourist Board's formal brand.

In addition, the Barbados crest has a peaklican and dolphins on both sides of the sign, but the latter looks like a flying fish. In addition, the Barbadischer Pass also contains current art reproductions and a hologram of the flying fish. Recently, flying fish have also gained ground on other archipelagos, leading to several sea battles.

During 2006, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea[19] established the sea borders between Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago in the context of the air fisheries conflict, which led progressively to tension between neighbouring countries. Barbad fishermen still continue to catch the flying fish to the south. Hop up ^ fossil works. "Exocoetidae".

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