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Définition von fly by im Idioms Dictionary. fly by phrase. Exactly what does flying by expression mean? Flying in one sentence.

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The 2009 Flying By is a dramatic movie by Jim Amatulli featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Heather Locklear, Olesya Rulin and Patricia Neal. This was the last movie for Patricia Neal. Property developers go to their class 25 without their wives and find their old teen bands gambling.

He' s indignant. His missus is indignant that he gambled. It senses a transient relaxation from the pressure of commercial complexity and the stresses of the marital crisis. Bookings for the group are made in a favourite pub, resulting in a last-minute reservation for a re-union trip with the option of extra trip details.

However, the bands have internals. It is a difficult choice for him to try, although it will concern his wife, his relatives, especially his wife and his company.

pass by

1st To overtake someone by flying.... When Ethel shouted, a birds went right past her face and scared her. 2nd verbs To go fast or to go fast, usually a span of elapsed amount of times. We just got talking, and then I was looking up and two lessons had passed!

The way the graduation year flies by, we'll be alumni before you know it! 3rd Vb To make a brief, surprising call. Oh, Paulina only came by for a few lessons, so you didn't see her. The Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. Illuminated to float by, flying. There were three jets passing by.

An enormous falcon passed by and frightened all the smaller ones. Figure [for time] to go quickly. Lessons just went by because we had a good run. It was so long before we knew it, it was darkness. American idioms and phrase verbs dictionary. In order to move quickly, from a point of view of a subject in motion or a certain period of time:

Summermonths passed by, so we were only a few hot nights to swim. Several of my old classmates dropped by last weekend for a quick one. There were several ducks flying by as we were climbing the hills. American Heritage® Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs.

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