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Route planner around the world

Schedule your world trip with the help of our experienced travel experts. The planning of an RTW journey is a time-consuming process, and for the first time it can seem overwhelming for an RTW traveller. Nothing is as exciting as planning a trip around the world!

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Thanks to our special flying expertise and our many years of flying experiences, we can help you safe your precious travel budget and make other interesting bookings for your world tour. Look below for an ideas of the great tours we can organize for you and to learn more about us, visit our page about us and why we like what we do.

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Around the World Travel Planner Travel Consultancy

It is now opportune to begin our work. Although it may seem frightening if you take our ten easy stages in the process of scheduling a world tour, you'll be ready to go in no time at all. Round-the-world experts Amy McBay and Graham Barret will give you tips on how to travel around the world, from choosing where you want to go to and which carrier you want to travel with, to working out your budgets and organising your transfer.

So one of the greatest errors humans make in scheduling their journey around the world is to focus too much on the issue of how much? This may not be at the top of your priorities, but if you choose to travel with certain carriers over others, it is better to let us know early so that we can find you the right flight around the world.

Our main focus is still on our favorite airlines, but we want to provide our clients with choices they may not have thought of beyond the usual fares around the world. For most fares, we can quote you within 100, so the price is easily calculable. It'?s the remainder of your journey that's more difficult to assess.

As soon as we know your budgetary requirements, we can begin to customise each item of your journey to give you the best value possible. Transfer is often the last thing on your minds, but at the end of the day it can be the greatest expense of a journey. If the transfer is agreed in advance and someone is awaiting you at the terminal, especially after a long plane ride, it makes a big deal of difference.

By default, when booking a trip with us, our prices include transfer to and from the airports. "Have you ever had a jittery sensation at the airports, as if you had missed something? When booking a trip with us, you have full control of one of our Travel Butlers. Round the World's experts are at your side every step of the way, from your departure to your arrival at home.

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