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Foreign government international fees may apply to international charter flights outside the United States. We are located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, and are here to help you with all your jet charter or aircraft management needs. For an international charter, three hours is not uncommon.

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The most important capital of our company is our highly skilled and multinational staff of specialists from various sectors of the aerospace world. With a focus on wet lease and air charter support, we have an extensive customer and operator support infrastructure. Our aim is to find the best solutions at the right prices for every request, and our Charter Service Provider of the Year rating proves our continued successful track record.

Our goal is to be nearer to our customers and best understanding their needs - our headquarters in Dubai serves as a turntable for our networking activities in Asia and Europe. Me and my staff would be happy to assist you whether your needs are for ACMI / Wet Leasing or Air Charter.

Airplane talk: Charter public flights

They can offer outstanding value for money and often fly non-stop in a market where regular flights would be less straightforward. Furthermore, many charter companies do not have all the limitations of the discounts for regular flights, e.g. pre-sales, stays over a Saturday evening, stays of no more than 30 nights, etc. Lastly, most charter prices are not'capacity controlled' like regular air rates; any space on the aircraft is usually available at the indicated price.

"You can buy "Public Charters" from a tourist agency, a tourist agency or sometimes directly from the air carrier. When your trip has been organized by a member association or other organisation for its members, it may be an affiliate charter trip. As a rule, these charts do not bear the consumers' rights regulations of the public charts.

Make sure you know what type of charter you are buying. In any case, your legal prerogatives are set out in an "operator/participant contract" which you have with the charterer. Your tour organiser or your tour agency should submit a signed agreement to you at the moment of your booking.

Just reread it before you start paying for it. Normally you are fined if you canceled. If you are nearer your destination, the punishment will be greater. The majority of regular rebate rates are non-refundable, but allow you to reuse the tickets at another point in your travel for a charge of approximately $50 to $75; charterers may or may not allow this.

With some charts, if a replacement can go in your place, you only loose a $25 charge. This policy usually provides a reimbursement in the event that you have to cancel due to disease or bereavement in the home. Contact your local tourist agency or organiser to find out how you take out the policy and what medical condition it covers or does not covers.

The charter cancelation policy often does not cover you if you have to cancel because of an existing term. Charter flights and floor packages are non-binding. However, if there is a "major change" in your trip or trip, you have the right to void and receive an unpunished reimbursement. Changing the destination or destination town ( without simply changing the order in which towns are visited).

Should your charterer inform you of a significant modification before your charter date, you will receive a full reimbursement in the event of cancellation. However, if you opt not to reverse, the Carrier will not be obliged to make full reimbursements. If, however, you do not learn of a modification until after you begin your journey, you may refuse the modified flights or hotels, create and fund your own alternate schedules, and demand a return of the genuine components when you return home.

Remember that if you choose to agree to a date or place modification, this will affect all agreements you make to connect to the regular services, especially if your regular services tariff limits your options for modification. You can sell one-way trips on open charter, but no "open returns" are permitted on this.

Make sure you have a certain date of arrival, a certain town and a certain plane so that you are not stuck. A charterer must take concrete measures to safeguard your funds. Operators must have a guarantee arrangement, such as a loan, and usually a trust deposit held with a banking institution that will hold your funds until your flights are operated.

When your funds enter into a charter skein payment transaction, the name of the deposit taker is stated in your agreement, and the cheque sent to the charterer should be made due to that deposit taker. If you are using a tourist office, it is okay for you to write your cheque to the tourist office; the tourist office will transfer your cheque to the trust fund.

On the front of the inspection, indicate the date of your journey and the place of your choice. When paying by charterer' s debit cards, the charterer is obliged to make sure that your deposit has been credited to the trust fund. When a charterer leaves the deal, you should consult the guarantee society or financial institution named in your agreement for a reimbursement.

When your baggage is discarded during your trip, there may be a quarrel about who is responsible. Charter carriers handle bag exposures that have been loss or damage during their ownership. When it is not clear where the issue has arisen (e.g. between the aerodrome and a hotel), the carrier and the carrier may refuse to accept it.

Or you can ask your local tour agency if there is a one-time luggage coverage that covers luggage issues while you are on your charter itinerary. Her charter may be postponed. Last minutes changes of schedules and departures delay of several hour are not rare. Flights may be postponed for up to 48hrs before the charterer gives you the opportunity to fully reimburse your cancellation.

Charter and regular flights are operated separately. When there is a delayed regular service between you and the town where your charter starts, which causes you to miss your charter, you loose your ticket and your cash. Reservation for charter is only valid for one single ticket. Ask the charterer if he has another charter to your target.

When your charter returns delayed and you miss a regular transfer back to your home, you will have to bear your own costs while waiting for the next link. It may also be necessary to increase the fares in order to change to another regular airline if you have been paid at a reduced rate.

Conclusion: Allow a lot of preparation for the connection between charter and regular flights. You cannot have your luggage registered from a regular to a charter service and back. Take your pick when you plan a charter to make sure you get to the airports from which your charter departs or from which you have a connection.

When travelling abroad, please note that customs may be delayed. It is possible that you will find places for your charter aircraft that are more overcrowded than you are used to. This low charter rates partly depend on the fact that the cost is spread over a large number of persons, with practically all places occupied.

Charter flights have longer check-in periods than schedule flights. For an international charter, three hour is not uncommon. When a charter aircraft is not out of stock just before take-off, the owner can offer places to stragglers at reasonable cellar rates. Those who have prepaid the normal fare well in advance may appeal, but should be aware that the operator's option may be to completely terminate the ticket for commercial reason.

The charter prices are relatively low, but they may not be the lowest cost to your destinations. Contact your local tourist office to check the prices of regular and charter flights. Charter flights are non-stop at an accessible cost. You can be a smart trip investor if you can be agile in your itineraries.

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