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The Premium Class in the main cabin, which offers additional legroom and preferred boarding, is added to the aircraft. So it is to fly with Alaska Airlines, which Virgin America buys. This was my first time to fly Alaska Airlines since I had previously flown Virgin America as my main airline.

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Alaska Airlines' former airline aviator convicted of flying under the influence of alcohol.

Former pilots of Alaska Airlines will be behind bars for a year to fly drunk - three fold the statutory border - in June 2014. Wednesday, the U.S. Attorney's Office in California reported that David Hans Arnston, former Alaska Airlines master, had been convicted to one year and one full week in state jail for flying a plane carrying over 80 people, according to CBS News.

ANNOUNCER: ANNOUNCER announcer: announcer 5, Arnston is to be fined $10,000. Arnston performed two services on June 20, 2014 - from San Diego, California, to Portland, Ore. 160 seats were on the plane; and then back to San Diego to fly a second 80-passenger Alaska Airlines outing.

After leaving San Diego, he was chosen at random by the wearer for the drugs and alcoholic test. The plaintiff agreed that both respiratory device assays conducted on Arnston were "well above the German pilot threshold of 0.04 percent," which indicates levels of alcoholic beverages in the air of 0.134 and 0.142 per cent, more than three fold the statutory threshold.

By way of illustration, according to the Department of Motors Vehicle, it is unlawful for an adult to drive a vehicle with a concentration of at least 0.08 per cent alcoholic strength in the state of California; this figure decreases to 0.04 per cent for those who drive a vehicle. Among the least punishable offences are administrative sanctions, possible prison periods and alcoholic beverage therapy class.

Operators of utility cars can expect to face penal sanctions and licence interruptions. Following the landing at John Wayne Airport and the discovery of the toxin test, Arnston reportedly said, "I wager it's for me," according to his co-pilot on the two named trips, CBS reported. After more than 20 years as a skipper, Arnston resigned from the airline after being relieved of all safety-critical responsibilities by Alaska Airlines, according to report Merkel Airways.

Attorneys said that Arnston was an Alcoholic "for at least a significant portion" of his professional life, hiding the fact from both the wearer and the FAA.

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