Private Jet round Trip Cost

Costs of the private jet round trip

Here are your possibilities for a private flight, whether once or regularly. Each private jet flight entails costs for the use of the aviation infrastructure. Return charter Air fares and charges Unless you use a private jet brokers or have a jet card/fractional portion, you may be operating with a locally owned and operated permanent jet in your area. Usually one of two things happens when you make a one-way booking with an owner of a permanent fleet: An aircraft located at point A takes you to point B, then reverts to the point A basis. An aircraft located at point B takes you to point A, then takes you back to point B.

In both of the above cases, you are paying for the aircraft to travel "empty" for a certain amount of travel to take you from A to B. Your aircraft must return to its home basis, recall?

Therefore, many one-way trips are charged at round-trip fares based on the number of chargeable flying hour the charterer spends. Failure to compensate for the empty flying space caused by your one-way journey would result in a loss of sales for the aircraft operator. Vacant flying times can significantly raise the cost of chartering an aircraft.

Pricing for charters is essentially influenced by the following factors: The majority of planes have a 2 hour per day min. flying duration which must be booked. If, for example, you are booking a three-day round trip from New York to Chicago, your charters may include 6 hour chargeable flying times (3 x 2.0 hour = 6.0 hour) even though the airplane is only about 4 hour in the sky.

If we keep this 2 hour per day minumum in the back of our minds, we should look at the different ways in which the return trip from New York to Chicago can be estimated. When you have a committed private jet brokers, you can have two different aircraft for each stage of your journey, both offered at the price of or near the one-way value.

The use of two aircraft makes accommodation charges and minimum changes unnecessary and significantly reduces jet fares. Saving about $5,000 in this case, you booked this trip as two one-way trips. If there are no one-way tickets, what happens? For the most part, even if there are no one-way games directly for your trip, your yacht brokers can offer you a NEAR point-to-point value.

Booking the trip with two NEAR One-Way games: Although these games are not ideal for your route from New York to Chicago, they only increase one (1) full flying hours on your account (0.5 hours per day). When you use these aircraft for your journey, you are paying the extra.5 hours per night to bring the aircraft to its ultimate destination after use.

Although there are no such things as perfectly matching, your Charterer should be able to arrange your trip with planes in your general area. Would you like to know the cost of renting a private jet for your next trip? Have a look at our charters cost calculator to get immediate quotes.

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