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6961 International Taxi Peach Tree Industrieblvd Ste 206 Norcross, GA Taxis

Your rider came through an junction and made a turn to the right in front of me (I went straight). They made me hit the brake so I wouldn't hit him. I have been staying with this firm for many years because they have a taxi in my neighbourhood, they know where I live, they are polite, punctual and they are cheaper than other firms........

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South West Florida International Airport | Taxi Prices

The MBA Airport Transportation, LLC is the Southwest Florida International Airport taxi services company. The MBA Airport Transportation taxis from the southwest of Florida International Airport are determined by zone and not by meter. Zone fares are set by the Lee County Port Authority and may not be higher than those shown on the Taxicab Zone Map.

However, MBA Air Transportation can offer rebate areas, so please refer to the shipment number below for an accurate price. Prices are for up to three persons; each extra person costs $10. Prices are inclusive of all tolls and are subject to regulation from Southwest Florida International to your final location only. Prices for the airports are not controlled by the Lee County Port Authority.

The MBA Airport Transportation is available to all regular clients without reservation. Participants travelling to the same target shall divide the zoning tariff evenly. Each party travelling to different locations in the same area pays 75 per cent of the fare for its own location and distributes the additional charge evenly.

Neither of the parties may, however, make a charge higher than the supplement for its target area. Tariffs for all destinations outside the limits of the RSW Taxi Tariff Card must be economically appropriate and must be negotiated by the passenger(s) before the taxi is dispatched. There is no on-demand shared ride programme at the international airports offered by MBA Air Transportation.

If you would like more information about MBA Airport Transportation, please go to or call 239-482-2777. Limits shall be established on the basis of the authorised documentary descriptions of each area. To find out the precise price for your trip, please contact an MBA Airport Transportation dispatching agent.

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