767 Business Jet

D-767 Business Jet

Jet Comparison - Jets Comparison - Jets Comparison: 767 is a unique and exclusive VIP aircraft designed with extreme luxury for heads of state, royal families or large corporations. The Boeing executives rule out the revival of the 767 jets

"Returning the 767 (passenger version) - I just don't see it," Randy Tinseth, VP of Corporate Communications, said to reporter at a teleconference. It was speculated that Boeing would revitalize the 767 widebody line to provide a convenient return stop to carriers if a planned new midrange aircraft was delayed, or if Boeing chose not to continue this work.

Furthermore, Boeing is striving for the commissioning of a possible jet range with 220-270 passengers, which will partially substitute the aircraft Single-Aisle 75% and some large-capacity aircraft 767. "If it goes beyond this (date), it would be a real temptation, since (airlines) will have to substitute these 57 and 67," Tinseth said.

The Boeing says it is investigating the business case for such a jet. Though Tinseth refused to say when it could make a choice, sector reports say it could begin selling the jet this year. The things around configurations come together," Tinseth said, and added that Boeing hadn't made up its mind whether to provide two types of engines or stay with a sole manufacturer, like its 737 and 777.

Intermediate-class aircraft would provide 40 per cent lower travel expenses than some wide-body aircraft - albeit with smaller ranges - and 30-40 per cent more turnover for carriers than a stand-alone jet "with little or no extra cost". According to Airbus, its biggest singles aircraft, the Airbus 321neo, has already boosted over 200 seat sales in the aircraft world.

Meanwhile, Tinseth said Boeing is making headway in closing a manufacturing divide between the existing 777 widebody and the planned 777X substitution that is scheduled to come on stream in 2020. "There are currently many planes in the pipeline," he said, and added that the broader aviation sector is "very powerful.

These strengths coincide with an increase in available capitals as new depositors stream into the aviation markets in search of higher returns despite the increasing prospects of interest rates hikes. It' s no longer a specialty class," said Tim Myers, Chairman of Boeing Capitals Corp. in the same conversation. Mr Myers said that Boeing was in discussions with some of its suppliers' representative governments to help deliver ultimate support for exports finance as the US Import Exporter Bank stays off-line for large transactions due to delay in confirming top civil servants.

While Boeing is debating with Australia about possible financing after the UK and Italy strengthened last year, Myers said it was still "extremely important" to release the EXIM, which provided a precious cushion against unforeseen shock to the markets.

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