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In the last ten years we have met the pioneer of customer expectations and positively changed the dynamics of the outstation taxi market in India. What is the difference between GetMeCab and other online cabin rental aggregators? The longest received taxi in Lincoln City because of consistent prices, honesty and service. Ola Rentals offers you a taxi service.

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In the last ten years we have met the frontrunner of client expectation and changed the dynamic of the India based outdoor station taxis business in a positive way. We are the most rapidly expanding outdoor station auto hire in India, providing the best auto rentals as planned. Since 2011 it has been providing extraordinary one-way, round-trip and locally used interchange rentals in more than 100 large India towns such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Jammu and more.

It is overwhelming to see the great affection we receive from all over the world for our rental work.


Twenty-five kilometers with Drivers Subsidy, but I also gave 400 Rupees for drivers for Nizza trip) around for 10K INR and they also gave me a 300 INR discount. What's more, they also gave me a good price. He was a very kind man, he was always on schedule. At first I was a little sceptical because I booked it from outside the Bangladesh and it was a family outing, but in the end it turned out to be a right one.

All in all it was a great idea to get a taxi with gettingMeCab ???.

<font color="#c400c4">(newscaster) Udai Singh Meena & Amit Lakhotia, GetMeCab: On-line cabin hire platform for former makemy trip coworkers

Would you mind introducing us to MeetMeCab? Let us help you make your taxi reservations throughout India from a range of taxi hire services. Our services offer comfort in terms of bookings, transparent prices and consistently high standards of performance. Using technologies and extemporaneous procedures, we are able to resolve problems for both our clients and our suppliers.

And you can count on GetMeCab for all your taxi needs, plus field station, on-site and international transfer service. What is the difference between the GetMeCab and other on-line cabin hire aggregate? Our success story is in creating scaleable on-line tour operators. The two of us have been working at MakingMyTrip for 3 to 4 years and have established and managed significant large companies with top lines of more than INR 1000 crime per year.

Our operations are pan-Indian (currently present in 4 cities) rather than local, and we guarantee you a unified experience wherever you use us. One of the few websites that handles the web as a purely e-commerce site that allows the users to make reservations on-line on real-time inventories, make purchases on-line via various methods of settlement and receive immediate confirmations.

Whether the client book the cabin on-line or by telephone, he receives the same rate for his needs. Since 4 years Udai is active in travelling e-commerce. Previously to joining get-me-cab, he was Product Manager & Head of Operations at, where he led the company's global airline operations in the U.S., India, UAE and Canada.

and I was the executive director for B-2-B at From the ground up, I rebuilt MakeMyTrip's B2C operations and brought them to a point where they began contributing about 20-25% of MMT's B2C transactions basis. What was the origin of the ideas for gettingMeCab? What gave you the name 'GetMeCab'?

We' ve been working in the e-commerce sector for 4 years and have seen it growing by adding airline companies, hotel, train and coach reservations to our range. In the cabin hire sector, which is currently heavily fragmentary and non-standardised, we saw an opportunity to do the same.

Our knowledge of the eCommerce traveller markets and the scale of the opportunities available gave us the optimism to take the leap and get started with GetMeCab. What's more, we're confident that we'll be able to do it in the near future. As for the name, the get-me-cab Udai word has turned the head in the search for available . comomains. In addition, I estimate that there seems to be a tendency towards e-commerce pages where a given web page contains a certain URL that has a certain verb name ( MakeMyTrip, bookMyShow, etc.).

Please tell us about the stock you have on GetMeCab. Hire cars is a 20,000 cr rent insurance and grows at a 30%-40% annual growth rates. We have seen a really good feedback from the clients from the very first days and currently carry out around 300 deals with 900 visitors per months.

We' ve reserved all types of cabins, from a Tata Indica to high-end luxurious cars ranging from BMW 3s to larger cars such as 14-seater Tempo Travellers during this time. What was surprising was the easy way our clients were paying us on-line, even though we're not such a big name.

My estimate is that IRCTC, MakeMyTrip and other on-line websites have been helping clients break through this sluggishness towards on-line payments, and clients are now very convenient to pay on-line. There is also a good proportion (10%-12%) of clients who return as early as possible and use our service, which is a nice surprises and a good confirmation.

How do you see the on-line cabin hire aggregate area in India and GetMeCab in five years? There are some on-line gamers (mostly regional) who come into this area. We believe that the emergence of new actors will contribute to the development of the eco-system, to the standardisation of service/price and to educating consumers about buying on-line.

Stakeholders who are able to provide good services could gain consumer confidence. Customers are already comfortable making bookings on-line for air travel, hotels, trains and buses. This means that increasing the amount of knowledge needed to book taxis on-line will not be so sharp, and we believe it would be much simpler to buy taxis on-line.

Our aim is for the GetMeCab to become the makemy trip for taxi hire companies and to make a significant contribution to the on-line reservation of taxi hire companies across India. Currently, we have a performance-based sales approach where we collect a fee on each transaction made through our get-me-cab. Difficulties were encountered in explaining the benefits of going on-line, using our system and implementing some process to enhance customer experience.

Due to the fact that the levels of services and prices are not standardised, we have spent a lot of our efforts to separate good carriers and provide the end user with competitively priced and clear information. Every single server we took on the boat was researched, which included interviewing their clients, working with them on a probationary basis and conducting a personal inspection of the garages, vehicles and driver before we worked with them.

So how big is the teammate behind get-me-cab? There are two staff members who take care of our customers and two in the technical department. Looking for good and highly skilled people in the areas of engineering, client services and corporate growth. So if you are looking for taxis that you can charter to take a getaway at the end of the week, please visit

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