Skytrain Israel

Scytrain Israel

A futuristic transit system of magnetic capsules is being set up in Israel. Israel's largest defence contractors enter the public transport market and build the world's first air magnetic levitation train, which transports humans in egg-shaped casings on its 44 milliph site. MySkyTran is a high speed train system with two-person capsules suspended on raised magnetic rails. Israeli Aerospace Industries is working with the Californian firm to move SkypeTran to its Tel Aviv base.

MySkyTran said that building would begin in three month and be completed within a year. It is a project that could be extended to the whole town, which has been considering the introduction of skiTran for some time. Jerry Saunders, CEO of skyTran, says the test route will be a 12-mile cycle with a maximum velocity of 70 kilometres per hour at 44 milliph (mph).

Mr Reuters explained to Reuters that a wider system could reach 240 km/h and transport up to 12,000 passengers per leg and perhour. Such a busy town as Tel Aviv is an excellent place for transport capsules floating over busy highways. Small pod's and the permanent path place the system somewhere between cars and trams.

This system is automatic; travellers call a capsule on their telephone, have it met at a particular place and take it wherever they need to go. "Israeli loved tech and we see no problems with the fact that humans don't want to use the system. It is a great testing ground for Israel," Sanders said to Reuters.

Vehicles are moved by the low-maintenance railways using "passive" maglev technology, so that no current is needed to keep the pads high and portable. A first electric shock sent each capsule at 10 to 15 milliph, and it continued at 44 milliph as it glided within the line, with the fortification floating one centimetre above the rail.

At some point next year, the system will run, says Sunders.

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