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A detailed Jet Airways Business Class Review on comfort, catering, service and itineraries. Jet Airways Première Business Class: Rating Jet Airways serves 65 cities throughout India and around the world and operates from Delhi and its Mumbai hubs to London Heathrow. Looking back on the experiences on board a day trip of the Première (or Business Class) from Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport to London Heathrow on board a Boeing 777-300ER. Delhi's Jet Airways intercontinental services start from Terminal 3 and all travelers should make sure that they have a printout of their tickets at their fingertips in order to avoid the need for efficient access to front gate staff and check-in.

Instead I got entrance to the Plaza Premium Lounge (which is also used by BA and Virgin Atlantic passengers). It is a vague but fully sufficient room with plenty of sitting, shower, lounge, dining and a wide variety of warm indian and american food. Equipped with my laundry pouch (Jet Airways doesn't have a comfort pack on day flights), stocks of newspapers and laptops, my surroundings felt a little crowded.

However, this stunning range is focused on the airline's main business segment, with Bollywood and regional India crowds being selected for the films, but very few remarkable recent Hollywood, Europe or global outlooks. Travellers can also fritter away a little bit of valuable travel experience by browsing a virtually accessible audiobook and e-book collection, or even trying to master a foreign-language experience with the Berlitz World Traveller built-in application.

A Wi-Fi connection is not available on a flight - because I'm too often on-line on the floor, I always appreciate it in person - but text messaging and email can be sent from the skies for an extra surcharge. Première Dine Anytime's menus invite travellers to choose between different kinds of food, more or less evenly distributed between traditional food (developed by Kensington's Bombay Brasserie, which is part of the Taj high-end hotel group) and traditional food (prepared by Yves Mattagne, a star cook from Belgium).

The selection of wines is restricted, with two red and two white wines each from Europe offered during my trip, Bollinger Special Cuvee Champagner, which was offered from a delicate 32 5ml bottles (some trips have Billecart - Salmon Brut instead). This is a meal of coated baked hen in a marinade with bastard ice cream, peppermint and yoghurt, serving like all premiere meals in India, with spicy olikra and dark lenses.

Servicing: The staff were laid -back and kind, albeit, as I noticed on my previous London trip, sometimes oblivious and sometimes sluggish. Premiere passenger receive fast-track immigrant form. Coming through Heathrow at about 18.30 on the day of my weekday was completely anal. From London Heathrow, Jet Airways offers flights to Delhi and Mumbai twice a day and serves a large number of destinations throughout India.

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