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You can earn extra money to become a taxi driver. Kaufman Cabs taxi driver in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Taxicab driver | GTA Wiki Taxidrivers are one of the GTA range walkers. Like the name suggests, they are used to take taxis through the towns and raise prices. During the years of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, taxi and taxi owners have developed over time.

In GTA III the taxi driver is Indians and in GTA Vice City they are mostly migrants.

They' ll usually run away if you take their taxi. But you may come across a driver fighting for his taxi. Then he tries to follow the taxi driver (usually a bat or shovel), and if he manages to capture the driver, the driver will go into a 1:1 fistfight with the driver for having stolen his taxi.

But if the driver has a weapon pointed at him, but he doesn't fire, the driver throws his hand up and usually says good things to the driver to stop him from firing, then he goes away and forgets the taxi. During the whole GTA San Andreas the taxi driver have not really developed and are still an immigrant, but mainly middle or southamerican.

Most likely, if the driver encounters the taxi in GTA San Andreas, he will leave the car and either stop there or run after the driver and assault him. On the GTA Liberty City Stories, the riders are also immigrant, but most are usually Indians, as you can see when the rider gets into a taxi and plays Radio Del Mundo.

Maybe most taxi riders in the GTA San Andreas like talking shows, because if the driver gets into their taxi, WCTR will be playing. The GTA Vice City Stories usually feature taxi riders as Hispanos or South Americans, as you can see when the driver steps into a taxi and is playing Radio Espantoso. Taxi riders in GTA IV are even more rude and discontented.

In this case, if a policeman is close by, or if he is near a cruiser, he will immediately take measures, arrest the driver and take him away. There is a young lady from Russia, who can be found around Hove Beach and Firefly Island, a few hours away from the airport. Same taxi driver can have many different voice as if it were another person, you can notice it easy when you get into a taxi as a passanger and get out of it again.

Like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, some taxi riders also like talking show radios, because sometimes when you get in the cabin it plays Integrity 2. 0, PLR or WKTT. Well, some cabdrivers might hear The Beat 102. Seven and/or San Juan Sounds or other radios.

On GTA V, all taxi riders seem to be Mexicans and hear East Los FM. Within the high-definition world, gamers can use a taxi to get to their predefined locations and don't have to travel there themselves, for a charge of course. GTA V allows you to use a taxi as a passanger, if you press the Auto key, if you hold down the key, the characters will lift the taxi.

Lifting the car allows the user to become a taxi driver in the form of taxi missions by pushing the appropriate button/key. Taxi riders in GTA IV and GTA V don't mind if the driver takes a passanger out and then gets in, but runs away when the driver fires from the windows.

Notice that the driver will not respond if the driver quickly clicks the record key to smash the screen. Once the driver dials the emergency call and dials the policeman after he has battled with him, the driver will pretend that the driver has killed him and crawls away and stops fighting them.

When they call a taxi, they often swing heavily onto the pavement, hit parking spots, toss things around on the pavement, drive down street lights and even hit people. Franklin can acquire the Downtown Cape Co. deposit in GTA V, but even as an owners it is sometimes necessary to become a taxi driver for V.I.P. clients.

In GTA IV, if the driver does not have enough cash for the journey, the taxi will oblige the driver to leave when the route valued for the cash is attained. However, in GTA V and Online, the taxi will take the players to their destinations, but the players will then receive a 1-star wish tier.

Also in GTA Online the players must have the cash at their disposal when they call a taxi; cash on banking does not work. GTA V and Online also give the driver a desired step if he gets out of the taxi while driving, unless he asks the driver to stop first.

GTA IV allows you to make a free taxi trip by firing from the taxi's windows when the players are near your target, which does require you to wait throughout the trip. Players can ask the taxi driver to switch stations. Players can also modify the target, but it may be more expensive.

Occasionally, when the players have a desired skill and are followed by a policeman on walking in the car, the policeman gets into a taxi. When the desired Cheats is typed in, the policeman continues to drive the cabin and acts as a regular taxi driver.

In GTA IV very seldom one of the taxi driver model can be a lady. However, this lady will never talk, which means that taxi women would initially be involved, but were not excluded entirely from it. GTA IV is where taxi driver usually assaults the players when they are attacking the taxi driver's taxi.

In GTA V, however, taxi riders will almost always run away. In GTA IV, the most frequent taxi driver is a man with gray coat and various touches. It can be seen all over Liberty City and is always enemy when its taxi is hit, but will escape when the gamer draws a weapon.

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