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You can buy up to a dozen different tickets at different prices on a particular flight. It'?s a sample of a Northwest Airlines ticket. The Air China domestic ticket (from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to Kunming Wujiaba International Airport).

Travelling by air - Air tickets: Buy two week in advance, even during the holidays?

TL;DR: If you know that you are going and there is a fares you can buy, please make a reservation. You will almost never be able to wait to save yourself enough cash, and never enough to make up for twice or three times the cheap rate because you have spent too long wait. You can buy up to a dozen different fares on a particular airline.

If all the lowest priced classes are gone, you will have to buy the next more pricey one, and that means you will be paying more. So, how's the price going? Cancelling and returning these places to the swimming pools (unlikely as they have high exchange charges and are purchased by persons with fixed plans), issuing rebate code or general "seat sales", or moving places from one grade to another.

You don't want a jet to run out with an empty passenger compartment ($0 for that), but you don't want to be selling it 3 month in advance for $200 if someone who needs to go urgently would be paying $1500 for it in the weekly rate of the trip. They might choose to move an unsellable seating position from the $1,500 tariff to the $200 tariff, but only if they are sure that this is the only way to do so.

They can see that they can go out with an empty chair 5 x, and 6 x selling the chair for a bonus, and still be ahead overall. There is little or no chance that cheap seating will be available when everyone wants to fly. It is possible to observe the fares on a particular ticket.

Air Canada provides Tango, Tango Plus, Latitude, Discount Business and Business. The Tango and Tango plus actually have some smaller ticket price categories in them. As you can see, all Tango tariffs are already gone on many trips. Clearly there are two different tango rates, and only one plane has the cheapest one available.

There are also 3 prizes for Tango Plus. If it gets nearer and nearer, the tariffs on some planes will go away. In the course of your studies you will become acquainted with the designs between two towns. They might find that the 7am is always the last day to loose its low rates and waiting until you see a sample like this before you buy.

But if you want to fly at a particular hour of the morning, most do not ( like 7am ), you can afford less. Look at the differences between tango and tango plus here. If all that remains is $597 fare on each ticket, you can have a 20% discount and reduce it to $477 - but you would have been better off with $364.

When you know you're leaving and there's a ticket price you can buy, make a reservation. You will almost never be able to wait to save yourself enough cash, and never enough to make up for twice or three times the cheap rate because you have spent too long wait. See what happens to the same YYZ-YVR plane on the same day, December 23rd:

All flights have risen drastically, except (for a curious reason) for the last one of the two. YYZ-YVR on Friday, December 23, same airline: Price is $607, actually some of the economic categories that are being offered now are costing more than seating in top category would be!

Let's get back to a point as far away from now as December, when I first began. Tell me January 23. Please also note that there are two fewer departures on 23 January than on 23 December. Airlines have created as much space as possible for the trip on this beloved date - they buy seats again and again!

Now it is less than two week until this December 22 Christmas plane home for Christmas. The last plane of the night has somehow become less expensive. Certain specific departures are lower priced (the midday rate has dropped by $100) than they were on November 24. I' m thinking of the case of Christmas if I had a Christmas gift after setting it at one months - before I could try to eviscerate it two week before - in the hopes of getting my gift of Christmasift.

607 could look good against 1279 (all these rates are a possibility before charges and taxes), but it is actually pretty high considering that you would normally see 199 or less in one direction before charges and tax for this couple of cities. You always had $604 and $1279 airline seats on offer for every plane every night.

Usually folks don't buy these kinds of ticket. Definitive updated, 11m east of December 23rd:

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