Last Minute Weekend Breaks

Last-minute weekend breaks

Start your weekend stay on Eurostar within a few hours. Booking now > Barcelona City Break offers. Booking now > Amsterdam City Break offers.

City Breaks & Latest Dates 2018/2019

you now find a holliday.... looking for your next weekend getaway? There is a trip to the cities for everyone, and we want to help you find your perfect offer. YOU'll FIND AOLIDAY NOW... Everyone likes a hint of luxuriousness. Now you can get a piece of glory at a sensible cost and enjoy living like a king in the town.

There are many luxurious adventures we can offer so you will have a lot to do during your sojourn. Booking a long weekend (or a whole weekend if you can!) to any number of our great cities such as Milan or Lisbon. Every trip to the cities has something special to offer, from high-end favorites to local handicrafts.

Explore one of Europe's busiest towns with a last-minute luxurious offer and the comfort of a 5*tel. The only thing you need to do is rummage through our website and within a few moments you can begin to count down the day to your ideal holiday. We are sure that you will find a place you will fell in loving-and experience you will never want to miss, you just have to look in the right places.

When you know that you really want to get away as quickly as possible, but can't make up your mind where we'll certainly suggest you consider our most favorite goals. Filled with artistry and on pulsating nights not to be forgotten, a downtown breakfast will be like no other - visit a local dairy pub or take a stroll through the legendary Wawel Castle to discover the intriguing Polish heritage.

For 2018/2019, City Breaks | Compare and store

Truly an icon town, the Big Apple is everything you see in the cinema, and so much more. The Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, New York's famous shopping malls, Broadway, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, New York's famous shopping malls, and many more. The Rembrandtplein with its pubs and caf├ęs and the Dammplatz, with its impressive buildings and artists, will also delight you during your weekend breaks.

Situated in the old town, home to the Colosseum, it is perfect for brief trips. There is much to be loved about mini sightseeing in Barcelona. Gold sand and tanned body are only a few moments away from the center. Top-notch soccer, arts galeries and tranquil park areas complement the sights and activities on offer during a Barcelona stop.

Las Vegas, the fun and games court in Nevada's vast wilderness, will shake up everything you know about town trips and throw it along the route to a warm round of panting and screaming from the crowd. Just like the rest of the game. Unusual theme hotel, 24-hour gaming, refreshments and some of the world's best entertainment make Las Vegas a great choice for Las Vegas outings.

Marrakech is perhaps the most quaint and traditionally built town on our top weekend trip destination schedule and can be easily accessed in just three and a half hour. Iceland's largest town is one of the hottest, most enchanting and intriguing weekend getaways on our tour schedule - not to speak of the coolest.

Search for short-term sightseeing trips to Paris and say "bonjour" to the town of love on your next free weekend. Imagine: a cable car trip for two, the going down dusk paints golden on the Rialto bridge, your striped boatswain breaks out into a music.

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