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Latest ticket flights

2018 World Cup: Which are the last-minute offers and is participation still possible? Some of the hosting towns are excellent travel locations. 21 World Championships will be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. Ekaterinburg (2,430 km from Wembley) is the only other hosting city on the east side of the Urals, and thus technologically located in Siberia.

The other locations are located in West Russia. The third and last Group G against Belgium will take place here on 28 June. The nearest town is St. Petersburg, 1,290 mile from Wembley. Volgograd, England's first fixture against Tunisia on 18 June, Nizhny Novgorod (England against Panama, 24 June), Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saransk and Sochi.

2.4 million ticket bookings were completed by the last installment of ticket bookings scheduled to go on sale on 8 June. Top 10 international ticket vendors are intriguing. The USA came first (a non-qualifier with 88,825 ticket purchases, 3.7 percent). Australia, with 36,359 ticket sellers, is in 9th place ahead of England (32,362) in 9th place (10th place).

Is the ticket still available? There are still plenty of ticket available for many games, among them the opening England-Tunisia fixture in Volgograd on 18 June. If you think England will beat Group G, you can now buy for the Round of 16 in Rostov-on-Don on 2 July. Semi-finals and finals are currently unavailable, but this may vary.

Prizes (in US dollars) vary depending on the state of the game and the seating used. Best ticket to the finals, if published, will be over $1,000. Penalties for outouts are up to 30x the face value of the ticket. You can use the ticket to request admission to Russia at any point until the date of the finals (15 July) and remain in Russia until 20 July.

Am I going to be able to find a plane? Nine other towns are more hard to reach. Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and Turkish Airlines also operate a large number of hub destinations in Vienna, Warsaw and Istanbul. Yes, thanks to a belated ruling by the Belarusian government to ease their stringent visas for soccer fans (in the possession of fan ID, game ticket and current passport) by track or street.

It is best to plan three extra day trips by road; the borders to Belarus and Russia are probably very crowded and slowly. Supporters also have the right to free travelling with specials, even though most of them are fully booked. What's more, they have the right to free travelling with them. Prices can be very high on the night before and after a game; The Independent has found 18,000 percent increases for England's game in Kaliningrad.

However, in the last few weeks before the event, prices may drop as the owners realize that they have free rooms. The majority of hosts will have a large number of rooms throughout the event; a good two bed or doubles room in a downtown hostel will usually cost £50 or less. Saint Petersburg and Sochi can provide fairly good value for money because they have the highest number of rooms.

Accept a debit as a backup, but in Russia bar payments are the rule in many situations. But don't worry that you won't get your money in Russia in advance: the currency rate is also good at the airport. It makes no sense to convert the pound into the dollar or the euro first; indeed, interest levels are so sharp that Russia is a good place to convert the pound via the ruble to currency.

Travelling information from the Federal Foreign Office for Russia warns against crime: "Pay attention to the possibilities of robbery, pickpocketing and stealing from cars or hotels. "St. Petersburg has reported criminal activity on the streets that has specifically addressed tourist.

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