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is an adventure travel company based in Juneau, Alaska. Taxi, taxi, glacier tours, Juneau, Alaska. Juniau's Local Yellow Cab Co. Juniau's largest fleet, fast, reliable and safe service! Juniau Taxi &

Tours is a privately owned company based in Juneau, AK and is a sole proprietorship.

Jungau International Airports suggests charge for Uber, Lyft journeys

The Juneau International Airports is getting ready for the arrivals of app-based ride-hauling firms such as Uber and Lyft. Government legislative adopted laws to allow car-sharing operators to access the Alaska car sharing system. Earlier this week, Uber and Lyft Airport's executive committee adopted a bill that would cost Uber and Lyft $100 a year to run the facility at the time.

There would also be a $3 supplement on each ticket to and from the terminal, which the terminal administrator said is standard practice. So, what do the Juneau cabs think about charging a ticket for Uber and Lyft? Über issued a declaration Friday after he had been asked for comments.

"We look forward to concluding an arrangement with Juneau International to provide carpooling opportunities for those travelling to and from Juneau," said Brian Gebhart, Ubers General Director for Alaska, in the declaration. It is not clear whether Lyft would object to the charging plan, although it has sent a bill to the airports bureau containing a supplement for journeys.

W Wahto said that the airports committee also reviewed how it governs all modes of ground transportation for the airports. The calendar of fees is then sent to the Juneau meeting for examination. It has been amended to take account of the fact that Lyft did not comment on the suggested charging scheme.

Septemberau Stadt and Taxi

Do you need a trip in Juneau Town and? We' ve put together a taxi service schedule for Juneau and Alaska that will get you to your destination in no time at all! Simply have a look at the lists and call them! We know that it can be difficult to find a dependable taxi service in Alaska, so we have gone the extra mile to bring this information directly to you!

Only the best taxis are available in Juneau so that you don't have to be concerned about costs or service levels. We' re doing our best to keep our contacts up to date, but we' re not ideal, so if you find a taxi service that is incorrectly marked or no longer in service, let us know!

and we have rental cars and hotels in Juneau Downtown and also!

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