Helicopter Manhattan to Hamptons

Manhattan helicopter to Hamptons

From Manhattan, BLADE offers regular scheduled flights between the Hamptons. At $600, join celebrities and the neouveau riche dining in a uniquely mile-high outfit. It' s a Friday in the middle of July, and the rotor turns as quickly as the rose flows in the helicopter lounges at Street Blade-34. Jon Hamm of "Mad Men" (17:15 - Montauk), dirty and beautifully dressed in a hat, is standing in a small spot overlooking the East River.

Another, above a desk with tiny hummer rollers, is a group of sticky 20-financiers (17:00 to East Hampton) and a young late flying private-equity bock in black bonobos who refuse an interview: Close by is Jim (16:45 - East Hampton), a 48-year-old man who "runs a fund" and holds his chemical cleansing and combat sports rig.

Jim is offered an "adult drinking cup" rose by a babe of blades - yes, that's how the companions are referred to here. Sword. You think the $45 Hampton Ambassador Justice is first-class? The best New Yorkers pay up to $900 for the most exciting trip to the East this season: a place on blades.

Uber-like helicopter services working with Liberty Helicopter allow clients to easily make 35- to 65-minute rides to and from the Hamptons with an easy-to-use application. The price for a six-seater helicopter to East Hampton and Southampton starts at $575 (Montauk costs $625) and goes up to $895 for a Blade Ultra elevator that is "a little more spacious, stylish and faster," says Evan Licht, Blade general manager.

Benefactors can even rent their own blades for $3,150, such as the "Margaritaville Express" on Sunday, and offer the free places for purchase. According to Licht, the idea of Robert Wiesenthal, COO of the Warner Music Group, completed more than 1,000 missions since its launch on the week-end of the memorial day.

Says 12,000 Sommer Hamptons viewers download the application, among them Padma Lakshmi of "Top Chef", Bravos Andy Cohen, actors Zach Braff, rappers Ja Rule, hotel owner Sean MacPherson, and Sozialite Lauren Santo Domingo, all of whom have taken helicopter tours. Whilst the awards may appear somewhat Hollywood for some New Yorkers, for others the ease - and instagram photos prints - are invaluable.

"I' ve fallen in Love with him," says 25-year-old Anita Hodosi, a 25-year-old female Hodosi from Hungary, who accepted Blade four days and used her Sag Harbor car. Of course you have to earn a certain amount to be able to do that," she says. 30-year-old Asher Simcoe purchased his first tickets after having read about Blade in The Post.

It' s not every week-end something to do, but I thought of it as a kind of "What is my reward?" scenario," says Simcoe, who works at UBS and enthusiastically initiated the journey (one of her comments was: #notsohumblebrag).

"Besides, you still feel like you're crossing the line and not getting involved with drunken 22-year-olds on the train," says the Upper East Side/East Hampton inhabitant. "Karen Coviello, 25, who flown Blade to Montauk in July, says, "Oh my God, they look so good. If individual New Yorkers don't use Blade to attack their fighters, they use it to attack almost all the others.

Whilst eccentric trousers and wannabees are flogged into a rush over blades, it is only a big old problem for the East Hampton Monogram Shop proprietor, Valerie Smith. "Last summers I hardly heard of helicopters," says Smith. "And I think [Blade] is contributing to the very growing number of humans who have a foothold in this part of the globe.

A 54-year-old businesswoman living in Chelsea, Cindy Gallop was "riveted" during her recent Blade plane ride with her backpay. Although Gallop says she can't buy herself a blade again, she will have beautiful aviation recollections forever.

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