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The French song Joe le taxi was written by Franck Langolff and Étienne Roda-Gil for the French singer Vanessa Paradis. taxi change point in France In France, the government has chosen to encourage the use of geolocalisation technologies in taxi vehicles by setting up and running a nationwide geolocalised taxi data base. The free and open hub allows any third person to look for a taxi near a geographic location and welcome a rider. Searchengines ( map, tourist, city apps..

.) can enhance their client experiences, bind their customers and in some cases be commissioned by the integration of a "Le.taxi" buttons into their applications.

Taxis and taxi equipment providers are welcome to join their fleets with the immediate advantages of being viewable in real-time to authorized searching machines. The France Taxi Open API is a product of the government incubator, which has already successfully started successful ventures such as using date.gouv.fr, the first open nation wide dataportal designed as a community networking tool, simplified public procurement or the mes-aides.gouv.fr performance calculator.

Under its Open Government Partnership roadmap, the government will share the taxi license under the Affero GPL open code license so that any town, state or nation can re-use it at will. For each taxi journey, anonymous information on pick-up and drop-off time and location is also published as Open Date.

As of this summers there is a test period with early adapters (search engine and taxi apps), the official launch is scheduled for the end of the year.

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"Étienne Roda-Gil" is a quintet by Franck Langolff and "Joe the Taxi Driver" for the female vocalist Vanessa Paradis. In 1987 Paradis started recording the tune at the tender age of fourteen. For eleven weeks it led the single charts in France,[1] and, unusual for a then French-language track, was published the following year in Britain, where it climbed to third place.

It was released on their début M&J ( "Marilyn & John" for short), which climbed to 13th place in France but met with little interest when it was released in the UK in August 1988. Lili Balian, Jake Hertz and Addie Calcagnini were the producers of the film.

"It' Joe le taxi" is a tune about a taxi cabbie, Joe, who works in Paris. It underlines the idea that Joe seems to know everything there is to know about the metropolis, and that includes the location of all the small pubs, all the roads of Paris, the Seine and roads ideals.

Joe likes to drink drums, has a love for Latino -American tunes and his Saxophon ["saxo jaune", or "yellow saxophone", most likely it's a visual image of a taxi with different types of tunes, later in the texts Mombo, Old Rock, Rumba] and Amazon dream.

Filmed in 1987 by Jean-Sébastien Deligny, the film begins with a look at the side of Joe's taxi (Chevrolet Nova), which is a New York taxi (dollar-denominated taxi fares can be seen in dark ink). Joe is then shown in his taxi, followed by Paradis who dances to the rhythm of the tune, next to a large golden taxi similar to Joe's (she wears an enormous jumper with the words "Gross Stage" and the number 26 on the front; she also wears gray trousers).

Joe, Vanessa and the two cast shadow figures who play their Saxophone in harmony (in color when they focus on Paradis, in monochrome when they focus on Joe); it ends with a front of Joe's taxi. Vanessa shows another musical clip of the track as she drives around Martinique with Joe on a Joe driving around in a dark green monkey car while she sings the track.

"The " Joe le taxi ", in its English language versions, is available in a "single version" 3:54 and a "long version" 5:30. Vanessa took up a Spaniard recording when it appeared in South America and Spain in April 1988: "The Joe el taxi." "The Joe le taxi" has been re-mixed and coverd several a time, most importantly in 1999 by Stereo Total and in 2010 by The Divine Comedy[2] and by some remarkable performers such as Hanayo, Hanayo, Jun Togawa, Priscilla Chan, Cantopop Pop from Hong Kong and Angélica, a Brasilian vocalist, actor and TV person (her Vou de Táxi Portuguese for I' m Going by Taxi and her signing song).

A number of different version of the songs are available on the beloved videosharing website, YouTube. "Vocalist Joe le taxi" was also treated by Immi, the electro -pop vocalist from Japan, on her 2009 WONDER album. "The " Joe le taxi " made its debut at number 21 of the F SC, reached number one in the 4th and stayed there for eleven whole waves.

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