Jet Airways Online Booking Price

Online Jet Airways Booking Price

Flight Plan Jet Airways began national flight operation on 5 May 1993 with a lean aircraft base of four Boeing 373-300 aircraft. Jet Airways' owners and chairman, Naresh Goyal, are full-service airlines that will be competing with state-owned Indian Airlines. Jet Airways was granted regular operating company designation in 1995 and began operating flights worldwide to become an increasingly important global player.

Jet Airways took off another low-cost carrier, Jet Konnect, in May 2009, deploying replacement jets on Jet Airways services that were terminated due to low numbers of passengers. Jet Airways was hard hit hard by the economic downturn and dismissed around 1900 employees. Jet Airways, however, had to suspend many of its tied internationals, selling a new Boeing 777-300ER to be supplied and postponing all new shipments for at least two years.

The Jet Airways luggage regulations do not allow a bag of more than 32 kg. Luggage in excess of these limits will be transported only under the condition that available seat and bag available on the flight in accordance with Jet Airways regulations. At Jet Airways, passengers can take a notebook as part of their carrying along luggage in addition to one item of handbag.

The Jet Airways free luggage allowance per piece of luggage (H + W + L) may not be more than 158 cm (62 inches). Outlines are available at all Jet Airways airport locations to verify the size of your Jet Airways luggage. Jet Airways' aircraft portfolio comprises 92 aircraft. Technologically progressive aircraft are Airbus A330 - 200 (12), ATR 72 - 500 (14), Boeing 737 - 400 (13), Boeing 737 - 700 (13), Boeing 737 - 800 (41), Boeing 737 - 900 (02) and Boeing 777 - 300 ER (10).

In total, 43 aircraft are currently on order.

Aboard Jet Airways

I think Jet Airways is the way to go. With one of the most extensive network within the Middle East and connecting with a number of locations around the world. In 1993 Jet Airways made its first flying trip and has come a long way since then. The company started its activities in the Middle East almost immediately after its foundation.

We are a code-share carrier with many airlines, among them United Airlines and Etihad Airways. Jet Airways ticketing is available for 20 major Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle East destinations: Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh & Sharjah.

In 2010, Jet Airways added a day service to Doha and Qatar from various destinations to its Middle East routes. You can book Jet Airways online for three different classes: First, Première and Economy. Prior to your trip, you can use functions such as dedicated support for children and the handicapped, buses and coaches, and Jet Airways Web Check-in.

All Ghazal Lounge, Bahrain: The Delmon Lounge, Dhaka: Sheraton Balaka Lounge, Doha: Orange Lounge, Dubai: The Marhaba Lounge, Kuwait: The Pearl Lounge, Muscat: Oman Air Lounge, Riyadh: The First Class Lounge & Sharjah: The Alpha Lounge. If you are traveling to or from a Middle Eastern country, you must comply with Jet Airways free luggage standards.

According to your flights and distances, you can choose to have free baggage of approx. 50 kg in Premiere and approx. 30 to 40 kg in Economy. We also have a complete listing of Jet Airways timetables when you're looking for your destination. Please contact us for more information. In addition, you can monitor your Jet Airways travel progress by just typing in your ticketing information.

Oman; Jet Airways Qatar; Jet Airways Kuwait; Jet Airways Bahrain.

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