Vancouver Taxi


Taxi, taxi from and to Vancouver Airport Service We will take you from your home, your business or your hotels to Vancouver International for your flights. In these cases we suggest booking 24 hrs in advanced. Vancouver's first available taxi service has a large vehicle park with state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art and convenient equipment to carry most types of mobile equipment. We take you to your destination in an environmentally sound way!

"Carbon Footprint" All our cabins use Global Positioning System (GPS) telephotometry to always use the closest range between two points, which saves gas and reduces exhaust fumes. When you feel that you have misplaced a piece of your own property in a Vancouver Cab car, please use our enquiry request page to ask for it.

The Vancouver Taxis

There' re four cabrunners in Vancouver. When you are in a trendy inner city, you will find one easy to find. In Vancouver, city taxis usually range from $5.00 to $10.00. You' ll be paying about $40 from the airfield to the city. Privately owned transport is often the most economic and definitely the most comfortable way for individual, couple, family and group to see Vancouver and get from place to place.

Call 604-990-9299 or 1-800-913-9207 for information on personal transport. Since Vancouver cabs and means of transport are dependable and easy to get to, and because Vancouver is such a great place to walk, it is quite possible to depend on your strength, on cabs and on means of transport while you are here. In Vancouver, you'll be fine without a good automobile.

Now that the beautiful train ride from the Vancouver International Airports to the downtown area is possible, you really have a good reason to keep your home, go to Vancouver and take the Canada Line from the Vancouver International Airports to the city.

Take a cab?

Take a taxi? Generally, if you are in the city center, you can go on foot to any larger road and mark one fairly quickly. Also, if there is an activity or a bustling Friday/Sunday, it can be hard to call one, so be ready to be patient. Please be careful. Except for my Christmas or New Year's nights, I found that I had little problem getting a taxi.

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