Honda Executive Jet

Executive Honda Jet

How it is to travel in HondaJet, the surprisingly inexpensive ($5 million) commercial jet. STA PAUL, MN - Our HondaJet takes off from St. Paul Downtown Airport with a low noise and quickly rises into the heavens. On a clear day, a clear day tour around the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis gives an insight into an alternate way to travel by plane - accompanied by three to five others, directly to your final destinations, without stopping in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas or Denver.

The rides were related to Honda's launch to the media of the thirdgeneration Honda Insight Hybrid, which mounted its now smaller lithium-ion batteries under the rear seats. HA-420 HondaJet was of great interest because of its relatively low cost for a two-jet, around $4.9 million, and its groundbreaking use of a small jet with a coal fibre hull.

One of the world's most unparalleled corporations, Honda has a range of automobiles from majorstream limousines, cross-border vehicles and pickup trucks to Formula 1 and IndyCar racing drivers, motorbikes, lawnmowers, jet skiers, electrical power generating sets and outboards. HondaJet originates from designs made in the early 80s. HondaJet's founding Michimasa Fujino designed the aircraft in 1997.

HondaJet flown a proof-of-concept in 2003 and was released for manufacturing in 2004. HondaJet used to fly at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 2005 and in 2006 Honda said that HondaJet would proceed as a business. The challenge of new planes of all shapes and sizes to meet early schedules for design and manufacturing is no small one and the HondaJet is no small one.

First HondaJet to comply with FAA requirements was flown in 2010 and FAA approval took place in 2015, along with shipment of the first aircraft to the client. To date, approximately 110 HondaJets have been manufactured at Honda's manufacturing plant at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina. Capacity increases from 3-4 per year to 6-8 per year, up to 80 aircraft per year.

The Piedmont International Airports is HondaJet's only production site, and the first shipments went to US businesses and private people. In May Honda was awarded FAA approval for a version, the HondaJet Elite. The Elite's first shipments are this autumn.

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