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Alaska Airline offers one-way awards on one of its partner airlines. New Mileage partner added by Alaska Airlines: This allows you to create a reward that includes flights with Alaska, Air France and KLM. Mileage Plan members can still earn miles on Aeromexico.

Aeromexico Awards eliminated by Alaska Airlines

At Alaska Airlines, we've upgraded our reward chart to show more affiliate reward choices and cost. These changes were introduced early this Week and now include the cost of awarding Emirates rewards from the continental United States to Australia and New Zealand. Alaska Airline has added the Aeromexico Award to its chart in order to add to the new list of official Emirates and Oz winners.

Aeromexico's relationship with Alaska goes back to December 2012, when the two carriers signed a code share arrangement and mutual mileage revenue and burnings. Mileage accrual capability began in early 2013 and reward travel began on mileage introduced in 2014. Being able to use Alaska Kilometres on Aeromexico was very short-lived.

Until February 2016, a blame was laid for a technological failure because it had blocked Alaska's capacity to gain aeromexico entry to the awards room. Incidentally, this was a few month ago after Delta Air Leines acquired a 49% interest in Aeromexico. Initially, I hoped that Alaska and Aeromexico would overcome their "technical difficulties" and restore their capacity to cash Aeromexico mileage.

As of this weeks, however, the Flight Awards overview for Mexico, Central America and South America has been refreshed and Aeromexico entirely deleted. Reward travel to Mexico and Central America is still possible with other partners such as Virgin America, Delta and American Airlines. Mileage on Delta ends May 1, 2017.

Let's face it, AA doesn't have the same cover of Mexico as Aeromexico! Aeromexico's total defeat as a Mileage Plan Awardee is a slap in the face for the Alaska Airlines Mileage Programme. Reward flights, the number of routings and the Mexico Reward available are severely limited for those who wish to earn mileage.

It would be better for Alaska at this time to work with a low costs carriers (LCC) in Mexico such as Interjet or Volaris for premium travel. Currently, however, Alaska Airlines' global partners are all full-service carriers and do not contain LCC. Aeromexico also continues to offer codeshare services on almost 20 Alaska Airlines itineraries.

This code share offers feeds and revenues share to the airline companies. Aeromexico is therefore a part-time business associate. Airline Mileage Map members can still collect Aeromexico mileage. With the upcoming Aeromexico Delta JV, the Aeromexico -Alaska JV could soon be over. Well, I guess timing will show, but it doesn't look good for this relationship.

Keep in mind that the Devilish Delta is sitting on the Aeromexico boards and there is an Alaskan Delta battle for Seattle. Alaska Airlines can be forced out of this relationship and Delta can invoke Aeromexico as its own. Rocky has travelled and continues to count in 75 destinations by maximising mileage and points, offering discounts, selling, rucksack tours and coach surfing.

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