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Most beautiful private jets

Most expensive private jets are the essence of luxury and style. This is Hugh Hefner Playboy private jet. One of the most expensive personal assets in the form of an automobile that anyone can own is a jet.

In the 5 most luxury private jets.

Featuring stunning interior spaces and comforts that most of our houses don't even own, here is a view of the five highest quality and most luxury private jets. Lots of room and comfortable chairs in the cab. There are 15 large glazed doors to allow a lot of daylight to enter. One of the world's premier private jet companies, Airbus has a wide range of luxury private jets, ranging in value from US$72 million to US$110 million.

Prices do not cover the equipment of the cabins. It is the broadest and highest cab of all corporate jets with a reach of several continents. She has the longest and broadest cab of any private jets on the shelves. However, you'll be better able to peel out if you want one - the beam is costing $367 million without the fantastic indoor items. Here's a list of the most popular products.

There is also a matrimonial bedroom that goes well with a large bedroom and private bath. This means a bath room with its own walk-in showers. Boeing 747-8 private jets are breathtaking. There is 4,786 sq ft of floor area with a cabin, living room, study and dinning room. It is the longest and second biggest aircraft ever constructed, and costs 367 million dollars without the extravagant furnishings.

Number of 5 most expensive private jets

But the most pricey private jets are the essences of luxuries and styles. Have a look at our listing of the five most pricey private jets in the globe. Airbus 380 is the tallest private aircraft in the whole wide range and the most costly. Boeing 747-8 is the longest and second tallest commercial aircraft ever made.

Start-up prices for this gem are $367 million, and that's before any deluxe changes are integrated into the Jag. The interior of the private jets, which were finished by Greenpoint Technologies, were made of the best materials. An impressive dinning room is ideal for the most stylish eating out.

The Donald Trump's $100 million private plane may not be as big as his famous Trump Towers. But it is one of the most luxury jets that fly in the sky today. This 43-seat private aircraft is equipped with the latest electronics and has the familiar emblem on almost everything. The ACJ319 Elegance Corporates Jets is a simple design that is ideal for the busier buyer.

There are two baths and a balcony in the bow and a separate room with its own bath in the stern. You can also find chapters with various moduls for companies, meetings and societal meetings. With the new interior the interior can be changed easily. Eight cabin offers "cozy" bedrooms with convenience and privacy.

Roomy eating and meeting area conceived for versatile use, ideal for both eating and conferences. Big panes offer enhanced angle of vision and ranges, while progressive illumination creates the ideal ambiance according to the activity on the ship. The Top Five lists prove that today's private jets are more wasteful than ever.

What would you do to make your private plane?

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