Flights to Florida

Florida Flights

Five of Florida's lowest cost airports to go to. From boating through the murky waterways of the everglades and watching wild animals under the canopy of the Ocala National Forest to enjoying idyllic parties in Fort Lauderdale, sunbathing on Daytona Beach and taking a ride on the coasters in the thriving Orlando Park on the Sunshine State this year, it's still important to try and boost this vacation before you arrive.

Miami International is a centre of gravity for American Airlines, a starting point for long-haul aircraft to connect routes around the world and one of the few harbors able to host the huge Airbus A380s, and a serious big players in the US air transport industry. It is also a relatively inexpensive alternative for travellers wishing to enjoy the warm Florida heat this year in comparison to a number of other points of entry in the area, with an AVAR of just US$222 for all home flights landing on their strip.

This magical kingdom offers untamed excitement, Universal Studios offers Harry Potter's magical world, and the Potter is one of the best value airports in the area, with an airfare of just $218 on the way! Serving a humble five million passenger and 153,000 take-offs and landings a year, this gate to the gleaming Atlantic sand, littered with jet-setter houses, affluent villas and rocking palms halfway along Florida's eastern coastline, is certainly not the region's biggest international destination.

However, it is the second lowest common point of entry for travellers to Sunshine State, with mean fares on downtown trips as low as $213 return! Featuring the celebrated Lowry Park Zoo, the Bush Gardens and some heartbreaking NFL matches kindly sponsored by Tampa Bay Buccaneers in selecting Tampa's rides, travellers will want to make as much dollar savings as possible on their trips to the city.

It is therefore particularly useful that the city's second most convenient gate to Sunshine State is Hillsborough County's main intercontinental hub, with a total of $213 in return fares. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Interna-tional Airfield, which handles more than 20 million passenger every year and currently enjoys arrives from all corners of the United States, vast numbers of islands, innumerable towns in Canada and many remote locations in Europe, Asia and South America, is one of the biggest in the sunshine state.

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