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that Alaska Air is buying Virgin America for $57 a stock. The Alaska Air Group, the Alaska Airlines holding Alaska Airlines, on Monday unveiled acquisition of Virgin America in a transaction the corporation closed at $57 per common stock in US dollars in the form of liquidation. Alaska Air rated the transaction at around 4 billion dollars, inclusive of debts. Air Alaska said the combined carrier will become the fifth biggest in the United States and will help it face major competitors for profitable corporate travel and attract global travellers to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, where the carrier is located.

"Your networks complement Alaska perfect. We' re very powerful in Seattle, Portland, Anchorage. "We' re thinking together... we're going to be the biggest passenger airlines on the west coast, and that's why we think the Deal is just the whole world." As a result of the takeover, the first US civil aviation fusion since the fusion of US Airways and American Airlines in 2013 to become the world's biggest air company will be initiated.

Alaska' s $57 per dollar per common denomination in bar corresponds to a 47 per cent bonus at Virgin's Friday closing. Virgin America's pre-trading stocks rose by more than 39 per cent. Alaska Air's stocks fell 6 per cent. This agreement, which was adopted by unanimous vote of the board of both parties, provides $225 million in net annual synergy with full inclusion, the parties said.

As Alaska Airlines proposed a competing offer from Jetblue, and while both airlines were skilled purchasers, the decision fell on the prize and the fulfillment of Virgin's trust obligation to their investor, said David Cush, chief executive officer, to "Squawk Box". "Thought the Alaska Placement was a very good one. The idea was to build a power plant on the west coast that would have a powerful presence in Seattle, San Francisco and L.A., and we liked that.

Quite frankly, they came with a very powerful offer," he said on Monday. Mr. Kush said that he would work with Alaska Airlines through the merger and resign immediately after closing the deal. Alaska Airlines will be the first airline in the world to do so. Alaska Airlines' name remains the same, Tilden said. He added that his business will work with the Virgin teams to better recognize its brands, and noted that the business has done a good job of winning and keeping new clients.

Net income per ordinary share for the first full year is anticipated to positively impact core EPS, with net sales increasing 27% to more than $7 billion. be located in Seattle. The Evercore Group served as Virgin America's chief advisor, while UBS UBS Lynch and UBS UBS Lynch served as Alaska Air's leading consultants.

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