How much does it Cost for a Private Jet

What does it cost for a private jet?

A few small aircraft are optimized for longer range and other large jets are less efficient. ARGUS ratings for jet operators - How much does it cost to charter a private aircraft? Running costs - What is the hourly fuel consumption?

What does it cost to hire a private jet?

It is the first issue for businesses looking for an alternative to business travel: What does it cost to hire a private jet? Spending an hour at overcrowded airport can cost your business cash and valuable working days due to delay, waiting for connections, accommodation in a nearby guesthouse or travelling to distant locations.

It also gives you the agility to plan and reschedule itineraries quickly so you can better service your customers at any given point. What does it cost to hire a private jet? Save your precious amount of valuable hands is the number one factor why jet charters have become so much appreciated by businesses. It'?s a state-of-the-art jet squadron.

The latest words in luxurious travelling are our lightweight, medium and large jet aircraft. We also have aircraft outside our own aircraft so we can meet practically any customer requirement. The aircraft has room for more than 6 persons so that your crew can fly together. To find out how much it will cost to hire a private jet.

Domino Air: Bishop Oyedepo to commercialise private jet aircraft

Increasing maintenance cost for four private aircraft has compelled the extravagant Nigeria minister, Bishop David Oyedepo, to found a business carrier using four aircraft that had previously been part of his private family. In the past year, when personnel expenses, petrol fares and landings charges were escalating, Bishop Oyedepo had considered to sell two of the aircraft.

However, when no purchasers came, he turned to Project Bi: to establish Dominion Air and commercialize the aircraft. The Bishop Oyedepo, named "Papa" by his parishioners, is also considering building a multimillion-dollar school in New York State, a spring accustomed to the pastor's wish to extend his store to the whole globe.

Bishop Oyedepo already has one of Nigeria's most costly university - the Covenant University - where it is forbidden for a student to use a cell phone or wear "sinful" clothes to school. The Oyedepo has become amazingly affluent by gathering tithe and alms from affluent communities, many of them civil servants whose sources of riches are dubious.

Recently Forbes magazines estimates the runner is valued at $150 million. It is ironic that most members of the community of Mons. Oyedepo Church, especially needy believers transferred from the Lagos and other towns shantytowns to US busses equipped with "Holy Spirit" transport, cannot conceive of themselves being much less able to enjoy the luxury lifestyle reserved for the Mons. and his family.

The majority of Nigerians, as well as members of Bishop Oyedepo's community, are living on less than a buck a daily. According to a resource that helped create Dominion Air, the carrier will provide executable jet service that would cost operators up to $10,000 per user per hour. However, Dominion Air's customers will not be able to afford to pay for the jet at all. According to the sources, Oyedepo is planning to buy extra planes to broaden its aerospace industry image.

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