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Look for other taxis in Garden City on The Boise City Taxi is the largest taxi company in the Treasure Valley. Taxi Business License is required for all companies operating a taxi business in Boise.

South Boise City Taxi 110E35th St, Garden City, ID 8371414

Although I call Boise home, I am one of those few unfortunates who spends most of the time of the day outside our city of trees. I found it handy as a regular flyer for Boise City Taxi to come and collect me early in the morning and take me home from the airports at the end of the working day.

They got to know me so well that when I call the car, they just say hello Jon, do you want us to come get you from the airports? After a long working day, it's great when someone thinks about my needs. Not only the operator, but also the driver offers a good quality guarantee, which makes it valuable for me.... and the 20% money -back is not too good!

They' always had a great pick-up bus from the airports and have a very reasonable price. Kind driver, dependable customer care - what's not to like? to Boise International Airfield. The next day I slept through the door because of the coldness medication I had taken the evening before and failed to collect the taxi.

To apologise, I phoned Boise City Taxi and suggested to at least repay the gasoline allowance to meet her costs..... Boise City Taxi! I like it! The " "Taxi Fare Guesstimator"" on her website really helped me to solve the riddle from my itineraries. We' re just using Boise City Taxi.

Having tried a few different taxi businesses on our travels to Boise, we found that Boise City Taxi is the most dependable, cleanest and most effective of the taxi businesses in Boise. Punctual pick-up at home and almost always available at the airports.

Powerful>important information for current LICENSEES

Taxi businesses require a taxi licence for all businesses that operate a taxi company in Boise. In addition, taxi drivers must have a driving licence and all taxi cars must be checked and have a driving licence. Current taxi buisiness licences will be prolonged until after the first of the year (2019).

When you have an current licence, you will get an update in the next few days with the new expiry date by email, along with more information about the future extension of your licence. Furthermore, there will be no sight checks in the City Shop in June. If your licence is renewed, sight checks will be carried out after the first of the year (2019).

You must obtain the permission of your taxi colour chart before submitting your request. Every holder of a registered Taxi Cab car or car pool shall present a unique and consistent colour chart to the City Recorder for authorisation before submitting an initial Tax Cab licence request under Title 5 of the Boise City Code.

Any colour schemes specified shall not collide or emulate any colour schemes, monograms, names or badges of any other company unless authorised by that company in a way that is deceptive or likely to mislead or cheat the general public. 3. Each taxi's bodywork must be marked with the commercial name under which the proprietor trades and the cabin number of the car, or must be fixed securely with a sign certified by the town clerk or another means.

Any new, added or newly painted vehicle shall comply with the system that has been authorised and all vehicle shall, at the moment of vehicle inspections, show the system that has been authorised, the commercial name and the cabin number. Should you have any queries about the colour charts authorised by a Boise City taxi operator, please call (208) 972-8150. Click on "APPLY > LICENSE" in the upper menubar after login.

Choose the Taxi Business Application from the dropdown list and submit your application. Applicants must obtain a licence that includes a background examination. You' re gonna have to come to Boise City Hall to get fingerprints. The fingerprint must be complete before your licence is used.

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