Single Pilot Certified Jets

One-pilot certified jets

As I know, what are the limits/thresholds for an aircraft to be certified as a single pilot, are there any VLJs? Aeroplane Approval - Which is the most distant FAA and/or EASA approved single pilot single pilot commercial plane? According to my research results, there are no civil jets currently in commercial manufacture that come within the cruising distance of the SJ30 for single pilot operation, although one or two turbo-props have similar cruising distances. The only other long-range jets are the Embraer Phenom 300 with a cruising distance of 1,954 nm and the Cessna Citation CJ4 with a cruising distance of 1,913 nm.

PC-24, which is still in the process of being certified in 2016, is shown here with an NBAA area of 1,950 nm. To my best of my ability, all of these are (or will be) certified as single pilots in at least one flight deck setup. So is there a point in you limiting this to jets and not turbo-props? The King Air 350IER has a reach of 2,239 nm.

A number of other turbo-props have reach similar to that of the PC-12 NG with a reach of 1,544 nm and medium weight corporate jets. If you are not familiar with the limitations of the FAA Single Pilot Certification, you can find a good resource here: . Please note: All areas shown here with the exception of the PC-24 are NBAA IFR maximum 100 nm alternatively as stated in Aviation Week's "Business Airplanes 2012".

Australasia added aircraft for single pilot evaluation

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) recently certified several lightweight aircrafts and choppers for single-pilot certification. In order to be admitted as a single pilot, applicants must undergo specific education and observe the professional regulations. In addition, aeroplanes for which a single pilot certification is applied for must comply with certain conditions. New single pilot additions include the Raytheon 390 Premier 1, Eclipse EA500, Embraer Phenom 100 and 300, Cessna Citation 500/525/550 and 560 and the Pilatus PC-24.

Hubschrauber now qualifying for single pilot certification are certain types of AgustaWestland A109; Eurocopter AS365/EC155 and EC135; Bell 212/412/214/222/430/427 and 429; Airbus BK117 and EC145; MD Helicopter MD900; and Sikorsky S-76. Revised provisions shall be made public in the Federal Law Gazette. The CASA has also made public an authorisation tool allowing those currently Part 142 certified carriers to pursue part 141 certification on affected aeroplanes until a new Part 141 certification is granted.

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