How to Apply for Pco License

Applying for a Pco license

Get support in submitting your private rental application to the TfL. Here you can get help in submitting your private customer license application. Applying for a private rental driver's license.

Rental driving license for individuals

In order to operate a Portsmouth privately rented car, the Portsmouth City Council must issue you with a Portsmouth privately rented driver's license. It' s a violation to operate a registered car without this license. In order for us to be able to work on your job offer, you must fill in an online registration request as well as other information.

In the 1976 Act it says that we cannot give you a license if we are not convinced: They are a "suitable" persons to possess a drivers license. Currently you have ( and still have ) a full DVLA (or European Community Licence) full drivers license for a 12 month term before you submit your request to us.

When you provided us with information, you were sincere and under no circumstance may you at any point make a misrepresentation to obtain your license - this is a serious crime. In order to assist us in examining your request, it is our guideline that you present a CRB cheque, a recent driver's license or a common driver's license and proof of assistance in writing from two persons.

It is also important that you have adequate Portsmouth skills and prove that you are medical-grade. You will find particulars of what you need to make available in the brochure on your personal driving license - information brochure, see the section entitled Documentation below. As soon as you have provided the right information, we will be able to deliver your license, which expires on January 31 of each year.

They must also indicate the royalty indicated on the request document. In the event that we deny the issuance/extension or suspend/withdraw a personal rental driving license, you have the right to file an appellate complaint with the local court. Condemnation does not necessarily mean that you will not receive authorisation - the advice has adopted political guidance on the pertinence of condemnations that have been debated with commercial agents.

The cases are assessed on an ad hoc basis, but guidance on sentencing can be found in the information brochure on employees' personal driving licences, see the section entitled Documentation below. Please refer to the documentation under "Private hiring drivers for more information - terms of license " and "Licensing - terms of license and enforcement" for more information. "Rate this page" should only be used to provide feed back for a page.

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