Best round the World Ticket from Australia

The Best Around the World Ticket from Australia

It's on Qantas, Virgin Australia, Delta or United. And the cheapest way back is via Honolulu. Cheapest Around the World Ticketing Do you know it's possible to go around the world for just over $2,000? A member recently found this out while planing his own circumnavigation of the world. The member examined Economy Air tickets with preferences for on-eworld airliners.

Anyone know of good value for money around the globe using one-world carrier (especially if you were to give QF FF points/SCs)?

Wanted to go to Europe and America in February to enter the business world. American destination (s) flexibly. Europa must get to Latvia/Estonia (so HEL is fine). A DXB stop would also be preferable on the way to Europe. One of the most famous around the world ticket is the Explorer one.

Online Explorer ticket offers great versatility and allows up to 15 stops at any point served by an online carrier. The price of economies of scale for Explorer complimentary travel in Australia is typically around US$5,000. In this way, it is possible to reserve a virtually round-the-world ticket for around 3,000 dollars in economics.

Routes from Australia-Europe-North America-Australia (and the other way round) are possible, with intermediate stops in Asia and the Middle East (Dubai) also permitted. Reservations can usually include Qantas, Emirates, British Airways and American Airlines travel. A possibility would be to make a multi-city reservation on the Qantas website. Usually you get something like SYD-DXB-LHR-JFK-LAX-SYD (as an example - different towns in Europe/USA, and different places of departures in Australia are possible) for about 3,000 dollars.

However, the probably best value for money alternative is to buy a one-way ticket around the world through Finnair. The Finnair is one of several carriers in Europe that offers reduced fares on easy circumnavigations around the world. With one of these passes, our member can travel via Asia to Europe and return via the United States.

Air services to and from Europe are on Finnair, while Qantas operates between Australia, Asia and North America. Stopovers are permitted in Asia, Europe and North America. The ticket does not provide the flexibilty of an Explorer tariff. RoundAbout Travels, the Finnair RTW economic ticket company, currently offers a list of just over $2,000 for Finnair RTW economic fares.

Arrival at the round-about is certainly another optional, and in particular the Finnair tariff you have found. Those are provided by various carriers, among them Lufthansa and Swiss Air, but I believe that only Finnair provides them from the on-eworld carriers. The Finnair RTW ticket should be bookable at any agency whose fares are valuable.

You can also book these rates directly with Finnair. Finnair ] On line multisector is not as good as QF and that says something. Matt' s Australian Frequency Flyer editorialist, Matt's love of travelling has taken him to over 50 countries...with the help of FFP points, of course!

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