Cost of round the World Ticket Business Class

Costs for the circumnavigation of the World Ticket Business Class

For First and Business Class travellers, the published worldwide fares are often the cheapest choice. A Go Around the World ticket is priced according to distance and travel class. You can book Premium Economy, First, Business and Economy online. Around the world business class tickets are the ultimate way to see the world.

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This is because this fares only up to 29,000 mile, and limits you to a few stops. Why should one now make the efforts to cover a long stretch in order to simply take off again with a foreign ticket? 2 month later you end the journey by going back to Jordan (or Israel, Dubai, Egypt or anywhere else in the Middle East). Done.

Now, this may seem crazy, but if you want to see the world, it's a hell of a business, with 16 business class trips (first class on U.S. home flights) for about five gs, or something like 313 pounds per trip. Thirty hundred pounds for a business-class plane between Melbourne and LA?

RTW Virgin Ticket

Perhaps you are sufficiently acquainted with the Virgin label to know that its creator, Sir Richard Branson, is not scared to resist the trend. This means that no matter how many carriers discontinue their personalised RTW passes, Virgin Round the World is still readily available. Only two routes are available for you to travel with a Virgin Round the World ticket, which is partly restricted due to the size of Virgin's carrier.

However, you are free to include other airline sectors (at an extra charge, of course) to complement the main routes. Virgin Round the World Ticket is not a mileage-based ticket because you select from two routes, so all you have to do is select the route you want to take around the world.

Please also keep in mind that both travel possibilities begin in London, so if you are outside the UK or cannot get to London lightly, these are not the right ticket for you. Here is what you need to know about the Virgin Round the World Ticket when you compare it with other RTW ticket choices.

For what type of travellers is this ticket best suited? - The Virgin Round the World Ticket is best for London residents (or near London) who are willing to add their own personal itineraries to a restricted route at their own cost. Which airline companies can I use this ticket with?

  • You can use the Virgin Round the World Ticket to travel with Virgin Atlantic and V Australia. For how long is the ticket validity when I begin my journey? - This information is not provided on the Virgin Web site. What is the number of sections on this ticket? - There are three stations on a Virgin Round the World ticket (outside London, the starting and ending point).

You must reserve this trip individually if you wish to go to other locations outside the three locations listed on the ticket. - The three necessary stations on a Virgin Round the World ticket are Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong. What is the total number of kilometres I can collect on this ticket?

  • The Virgin Round the World ticket is not a mileage-based ticket, so there is no limit to the number of miles you need to be concerned about. Which limitations are there for this ticket? - You have two choices for a Virgin Round the World ticket - either you buy a Virgin Global West ticket and travel from London to L.A., Sydney to Hong Kong and back to London, or you buy a Virgin Global East ticket and travel in reverse order to the same city.

Passengers who wish to include additional stations on their route are free to do so at their own cost and to other carriers as long as they return to another destination with a Virgin Atlantic or V Australia flight to collect their route.

Do you have any bonus that is associated with this ticket? - There is an "Upper Class" on the Virgin Round the World ticket, which is Virgin's Business Class and Economy Class versions. Rates differ according to the start of the journey, so you can change the cost of the ticket by modifying your date of travel.

  • The " small print" for the Virgin Round the World ticket is not on the Virgin website, so you should ask for the full General Business Rules before booking. Where can I buy this ticket? - You cannot purchase Virgin Round the World Ticket on-line, you must call Virgin Reservation Number or call a specialized worldwide tour operator.

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