Flying Carpet

A flying carpet

Magical carpet, also called flying carpet, is a legendary carpet and a common trope in fantasy fiction. The following_literature" id="In_literature">In der Literatur[edit]>>> Magical carpet, also known as flying carpet, is a mythical carpet and a popular trumpet in fictional imagination. In One Thousand and One Nights one of the tales tells how Prince Husain, the oldest of the Sultans of the Islands' sons, traveled to Bisnagar (Vijayanagara) in India and bought a Wonder Carpet[1] This carpet is described as follows:

"Anyone who sits on this carpet and picks up in thought and sits down in another place is taken there in the blink of an eye, whether it is the place that is near or far for many days and hard to reach"[2] The literature of several other civilizations also contains magic rugs, which usually fly literal instead of immediately carrying their passenger from place to place.

Baba Yaga can provide Ivan the Fool with a flying carpet or other magic presents (e.g. a rolling dance in front of the protagonist and showing him the way, or a hand cloth that can turn into a bridge) in popular stories. Vasnetsov, the famous artist from Russia, illustrates the stories twice with a flying carpet (pictures above and left).

Mark Twain's "Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven" uses magical wish rugs to instantly move through the sky. Anderson' "Operation Chaos" is characterized by a magical everyday environment that uses airborne rugs as a means of transport - in tough rivalry with the flying brushes that are also available.

Travellers do not have to be seated on the naked carpet itself, as the carpet acts as a stage for a convenient cab. Wonderpads have also been used in contemporary literary works, films and videogames, and not always in a classical setting. The Steppenwolf Carpet Ride.

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