Business Jet Pioneer

Pioneer in business aircraft construction

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Pioneer Business Jet Bill - 7 little words

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It'?s the business plane that turned the tide: #7

The Challenger 600 was introduced at perhaps the worst dark time in Canadair's corporate life and in the 1970' turned out to be much more than a rescue line for a troubled business. Finally, it would produce the first jet and the Global range and at the same time exert a strong influence on the business jet segment.

So how unlikely is it that the Challenger 600 began as a conceptional child father? It was Canadair who purchased the initial conception from Bill Lear, a pioneer in electronic and business jets. As the new owner of LearStar 600 in Canada changed its name to Challenger, Lear had nothing against it. However, when the airline broadened the body cross-section to enhance passenger experience on long journeys, the famous spirited Lear was given a seat.

The Challenger was one of the first to use hypercritical winged and superfan turbo thrusters with a high air intake ratios. Each of these characteristics contributed to drastically increasing the Challenger's reach and refuelling efficiencies in comparison to its peers, enabling it to survive on the battlefield for years.

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