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Most of our customers order a taxi service for other travellers. Worldwide airport transfers, taxis and executive cars. Reserve your taxi in Seoul right now booking your taxi on-line - immediately or pre-booked.

Fill in a road name, an airline name or a name of a hospital. The system didn't recognize the adress. Make sure it is accurate - it can be a road, an international Airport, a name of a hostel or a location of an event. It'?s a number: Journey: Fill in a road name, an airline name or a name of a hospital. The system didn't recognize the adress.


You can also request call taxi services by telephone. Call cabs, however, begin with a higher basic rate than the cabs you mark on the road. Basic fares differ by area, but cabs all use the same fares for increasing by travel length and overtime.

On both sides of the taxi there is a board named De Luxe Taxi. Tariffs are the same as for a Luxustaxi. The Callvan calculates according to the baggage dimensions and volumes and negotiates the taxi rate with the passenger instead of paying by the metre. Just like luxury cabs.

International Taxi Booking New Application

There is a new worldwide rideshare app ecosystem in place, with Careem in the Middle East and Yidao Yongche in China leading the way, with technologies from Splyt, a company headquartered in London and Moscow, International Business states. "So we work with Careem, we work with Yidao and others, and we link the applications through our routing API. What's more, we're working with Yidao and others.

An example given in the released version is that a Yidao visitor who arrives in Dubai can make and purchase a Yidao travel with the Yidao application. Whilst careerem and yidao are the largest players in the recently launched networks, Splyt has also introduced Taxis Bleus in France, Taxis Verts in Belgium, iTaxi in Poland and Oga Taxi in Nigeria.

Altogether, the group is active in 380 towns and villages, and the announcement of the group' s partner in the region will take place shortly. Establishing a ubiquitous worldwide ecosystem is referred to as establishing an over-rival, although another analogy is Rides Everywhere, the Alliance between Didi in China, Lyft in the USA, Grab in South East Asia and Ola in India.

As Mintchin said, the commercialization of the new ecosystem is the sole responsability of each partner - so Yidao must let its user know that they can take Careem - but that in the near term there may be "a worldwide education activity". There is also a debate about the networking brand.

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